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TT #29

Everyone loves stats. And everyone who has a blog loves learning who came a-visiting and why. So, with thanks to Statcounter I’m revea [...]

TT #28

Thirteen Things about Lugh The end of July or start of August marks Lughnasa which is the Celtic harvest festival. In Ireland, summer is tec [...]

TT #27

Thirteen Things about Me I shall go to football this evening. Unless it rains. I’m already hacking my lungs up, so running about in th [...]

TT #26

Thirteen links for you to enjoy. Firefly set to Strauss Go on! You know you want to click. Dog de Tour de France Golf, the latest sport to b [...]

TT #25

image nicked from Samulli Thirteen Things about cats I’ve had The first cat I remember having was Blackie. This was back in Dublin, so [...]

TT #24

Thirteen of my favourite films, that I own on DVD cause otherwise we might be here for a while [...]

TT #23

Wow, can you believe that I’ve been doing this Thursday Thirteen stuff for 23 weeks now? I was wondering what to do for this week̵ [...]

TT #22

yet another banner nicked from Samulli Well after last week’s zombie excitement, we’re back to the more usual T13 fun, these are [...]

TT #21

"They're out there."

She was really starting to get on my nerves. I knew they were out there. I'd seen them, I'd been chased by [...]

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