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To the lighthouse

Ramsay wants to go to the lighthouse. His mother says that yes, of course they can go tomorrow, weather permitting. His father disagrees. [...]


Read it online Imagine a world without men. A world where women are able to reproduce without men, where the only children born are female, [...]

In the eye of the beholder

Kameron Hurley, author of God’s War wasn’t overly impressed by The Cabin in the Woods, as maybe you can tell from this short exc [...]

Josephine Butler

I work in a library headquarters, this means that we process the new stock [1] . Part of this processing means that we have to write the acc [...]

Margaret Atwood: Haunted by The Handmaid’s Tale | Books | The Guardian

Some books haunt the reader. Others haunt the writer. The Handmaid’s Tale has done both. via Margaret Atwood: Haunted by The Handmaid& [...]

RTÉ Sports Person of the Year Awards | gaelick

Katie Taylor is undoubtedly Ireland’s greatest sports person ever. She is one of the greatest female boxers in the world.Her father, and c [...]

Cinderella ate my daughter

cinderella ate my da [...]

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Brutal women

Author Kameron Hurley has been getting a bit of coverage in the sff-world lately on account of her debut novel God’s War and to tie in [...]

A vindication of the rights of woman

In the present state of society, it appears necessary to go back to first principles in search of the most simple truths, and to dispute wit [...]
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