7 June 2007

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Thirteen of my favourite songs. Well, 13 that the automatic “highest rated” thingy picks out. So it may not actually be that accurate as I haven’t gotten around to rating all the songs on the mp3player. But whatever ;)

  1. Óró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile – Sinead O’Connor[1]

    Also was used in The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  2. Returns a King – Tyler Bates, from the film 300 youtube
  3. You cut her hair – Tom McRae Youtube
  4. Debaser – Pixies YouTube
  5. American Dreaming – Dead Can Dance YouTube
  6. Chicago – Sufjan Stevens YouTube
  7. How You Remind Me – Maria Doyle Kennedy. This is a cover song from Todayfm’s Even Better Than The Real Thing series. Can’t find it on YouTube, so instead I’ll link to a different song by her.
  8. Marrying the Sea – Declan O’Rourke. Again, this doesn’t seem to be on Youtube, so instead you get Galileo
  9. Happy Ending – Mika YouTube with Ice-skating
  10. Bis du bei Mir – Natalie Dessay. From the film Joyeux Noel which I again can’t find on youtube so instead you get this
  11. Hurt – Johnny Cash YouTube
  12. Contessa – Thea Gilmore GoogleVideo
  13. The Letter – Kristin Hersh youtube
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  1. yes she is a bit weird, but she has a great voice

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22 Responses

  1. PJ says:

    I don't know any of those songs, I'm afraid, but their titles sound intriguing. Thanks for visiting my TT.

  2. SciFiChick says:

    Interesting list.. can't say I've heard of any of them!

  3. samulli says:

    You got ecclectic taste, girl. I know only a few of the interprets and have never heard any of the songs. Well, on the other hand that could only mean that I am woefully uneducated regarding modern music. LOL

    At the moment I'm only listening to Placebo, Alabama 3 and Slightly Stoopid alternately, so what do I know, right? ;)

    Have fun at your Serenity screening! Keep flyin'.

  4. heather anne says:

    Yeah, Fence! I'm so glad to see Johnny Cash on your list.

  5. Janet says:

    Haven't heard a one of 'em!

  6. Harlequin says:

    Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh!!!

    Agus cad Samradh é, nach ea? :-) Liosta mhaith, a stór. Agree with John Cash, Declan O'Rourke, The Pixies and I love that Maria Doyle Kennedy song. She has a great voice – she was the best of the Committmentettes!

    One more day and then I'm off on my oh so romantic trip to the stony grey soil of Monaghan. Apparently there might be problems with the whole burgling my bank of youth and thieving the laugh from my love but I figured what the hell.

  7. Tink says:

    I didn't know a lot of these, but I'm glad I checked them out. Thanks for the tips!

    My TT is about Google & me. :-)

  8. Kelly says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I was so excited to see the Sinead O'Connor song, Fence. It's on one of her CDs I can't remember the title of, but every time that song comes on I crank it up. The way she sings it gives me goosebumps. And you know how much I want to marry the sea, so the Declan O'Rourke song is also tops. It's GORGEOUS, but you already know I think that… I'm going to listen to the rest on your list now.

  9. Kelly says:

    Other goosebumpers were The Dead Can Dance song (it's nice to see they're still as powerful without Lisa Gerrard), DECLAN O'ROURKE (Lord, he has a beautiful voice), and the Johnny Cash song, which was so much more touching accompanied by the video. You have excellent taste, Fency. Or at least, we have similar taste… That makes it excellent, right?

  10. Interesting way of creating your list.

  11. Nymeth says:

    Oooh, you like Sufjan Stevens :D

    I love that Johnny Cash cover as well.

  12. Harlequin says:

    The Sinead O'Connor album is Sean Nós Nua. No wonder you can't remember it – it's as Gaeilge.

  13. Cin says:

    I only recognize a handful of those names, so I'll be checking the rest out soon. What a great way to do your list.

    My TT is up, and it's all divinely knit goddess-y…

  14. Kelly says:

    Harls, YES, those are the words on the front! Whee! I'm such a spa.

  15. Harlequin says:

    OY! No nasty words, now! You've no excuse now that it's been 'splained to you… :-) Although it doesn't have the same impact when it's unaccompanied by the gurning and gesturing and contorting, so maybe we'll let it go. For now.

    Inkidinkally, the words 'sean nós' (SHAN KNOWSS) mean 'old style' and the phrase is used to describe a type of traditional Irish singing. The word 'nua' (NOO-AH) means 'new'. So it's 'new old style', SHAN KNOWSS NOO-AH.

  16. Crimson Wife says:

    I recognize several of the artists but I'm not familiar with any of the songs except for the Johnny Cash cover one.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I thought Johnny Cash did a great cover with Hurt!! I always liked the man in black. I'm so NOT a country fan, but I think that Cash kind of transcended the genre! Awesome!

  18. Fence says:

    As I said, there are quite a few unrated songs that I love on the mp3 player, so none of those show up. A few Nirvana songs, one or two by Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, even one by Pink, so it maybe isn't the most accurate way to go about it :)

    And Kelly, my taste is excellent, so of course yours must be too :)

  19. Nymeth says:

    Argh, I think I might have added a link by accident. I'm so sorry! (I apologize extra if it can't be removed).

    PS: I also love Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins.

  20. Fence says:

    No, that was my fault, I copied and pasted too much.

  21. laurie says:

    that sinead song is one of my favorites, too. i put it on a CD that i made for my brother, and his 16-year-old daughter called me up and begged me to take it back. he fell so in love with the song that he was playing it over and over and over and it was driving her crazy.

    funny. thanks for the video link. i'd not seen her singing it live before.

    interesting other songs, too….

  22. Fence says:

    Maybe you should send him some more songs by her, see if you can get him to listen to more than one. I can see how that would be really really annoying though.