TT #19


  1. Argh! Great Thursday Thirteen, lass! Did you catch the True Pirates of the Caribbean special on The History Channel? It was very interesting. I hadn't realized that Edward Teach was an alias as well as Blackbeard and that little is known about his pre-pirate days. That kind of stuff fascinates me.

  2. Busy, SciFiChick. Who doesn't love pirates?

    It is all in the details Carl isn't it? I didn't catch the True Pirates thing, I don't even know if we have the same version of The History Channel over here. :)
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  3. Ohhh, Steve the Piiiirate!!!! Garrrrrr! I love him, and in the spirit of solidarity with Steve and all other pirates, today I am going to wear my puffy shirt, even if it's about 180 degrees here in ye Old American South.

    Ahoy, Fence!

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