TT #19

31 May 2007

On account of the fact that pirates are cool, and that I really enjoyed POTC: AWE I give you this week’s Thursday Thirteen:
13 items of piratey goodness.

Yes, the product of a google image search, but still, look pirates! Garrrrr.

  1. Pirate flags. They’re so cool. This one was flown by Calico Jack
    Image Hosted by
  2. Calico Jack, aka Captain Jack Rackham, had an affair withAnne Bonny.
    Image Hosted by
  3. Course, Bonny wasn’t the only female Irish pirate. The most famous is probably Gráinne Ní Mháille known as Grace O’Malley in English, also known as Granuaile or Gráinne Mhaol.
    Image Hosted by
    Thats her meeting with the ebil English Queen Elizabeth.
  4. And Elizabeth had pirates of her own, only they were able to rob legally because they had letter of marque. Her most favourite “privateer” was probably Francis Drake.
    Image Hosted by
  5. Samuel Bellamy lasted only a year as a pirate, but became much famed for his mercy. His crew called themselves Robin Hood’s Band
  6. Such mercy wasn’t always usual among pirates. The more famous are remembered for their reigns of terror. Like Edward Teach who may be slightly better known as Blackbeard
    Image Hosted by
  7. Blackbeard was said to have had Captain James Hook as his bosun.
    Image Hosted by
  8. But one of the most popular fictional pirates has to be Robert Louis Stevenson’s Long John Silver, what with his crutch and his parrot. One of the most famous pirates who never was
    Image Hosted by
  9. Course nowadays, Capt Jack Sparrow is probably more famous than Long John Silver.
    Image Hosted by
    And sure who doesn’t love Witty Jack?
  10. Well I suppose maybe Captain Barbossa might not love him. And I’m guessing Davy Jones might not be a fan either.
  11. And then there are also pirate songs. Like Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest which was used in Treasure Island.
  12. Of course POTC also has pirate songs. First there was Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me, and the latest one has Hoist the colors.
  13. And don’t forget every September 19th to Talk like a pirate. Oh, and that everyone’s favourite pirate is probably Steve The Pirate. Garrrrrr

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    14 Responses

    1. busy says:

      What a cool list! Lots of Pirate Info! :)

      Thanks for visiting. Happy TT!

    2. SciFiChick says:

      LOL.. love your list of pirates!

    3. Carl V. says:

      Argh! Great Thursday Thirteen, lass! Did you catch the True Pirates of the Caribbean special on The History Channel? It was very interesting. I hadn't realized that Edward Teach was an alias as well as Blackbeard and that little is known about his pre-pirate days. That kind of stuff fascinates me.

    4. Fence says:

      Busy, SciFiChick. Who doesn't love pirates?

      It is all in the details Carl isn't it? I didn't catch the True Pirates thing, I don't even know if we have the same version of The History Channel over here. :)

    5. Janet says:

      Best T13 I've read so far!

    6. Kelly says:

      Ohhh, Steve the Piiiirate!!!! Garrrrrr! I love him, and in the spirit of solidarity with Steve and all other pirates, today I am going to wear my puffy shirt, even if it's about 180 degrees here in ye Old American South.

      Ahoy, Fence!

    7. Ahoy there!

      Fingers crossed I'll get to see Pirates III this weekend.

      Great list.

    8. Sally says:

      Long John ain't real? Say it's not true…

    9. Fence says:

      Ahoy mates. Splice the mainbeace. Avast! and of course, Garrr.

    10. Stephanie says:

      I just saw Pirates last weekend!! It's actually kind of started my TT this week!!

      GREAT list! Loved the Dodgeball clip!

    11. Cin says:

      Yes! Someone else who enjoy piracy! Great list. Can't wait to see POTC this weekend.

      My TT is up too, but it's not as full of Grr! and Arrr! as yours.

    12. PJ says:

      I saw pirates yesterday and really enjoyed it. Cool TT!

    13. Fence says:

      Stephanie, Dodgeball was a great film wasn't it?

      Cin, I think the whole world should enjoy piracy.

      PJ it really was entertaining :)

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