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Some kind of fairy tale
Some Kind of fairy Tale by Graham Joyce

Twenty years ago Tara Martin went missing. She simply went out one day and never came home. Her boyfriend at […]

Thorn by Intisar Khanani

A retelling of The Goose Girl story. Princess Alyrra has not has a happy life. Growing up in fear of […]

Weaving Dreams
Apex Magazine Issue 41

Short story published in Apex Magazine Issue 41 Eva is a witch, and a researcher into the Fae. As Weaving […]

Grimm’s Household Tales

The first assignment for the Fantasy & Science Fiction course I’m doing was on The Grimm Brothers’ Household Tales. For […]

The Snow Child
The snow child - Eowyn Ivey

Mabel and Jack have left home and family behind and travelled to Alaska, to the edge of the world, trying […]

Donegal fairy stories
Donegal fairy stories - Seumas MacManus

I do enjoy fairy stories, of all shapes and sorts. When I was younger I read plenty of the children’s […]

Cinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it’s Cinderella | MetaFilter

You probably know the Perrault version. And chances are, you haven’t been able to escape the Disney yt version. Maybe […]

Twisted Fairy Tale by *Shira-chan on deviantART

Twisted Fairy Tale by *Shira-chan on deviantART.

Sagas of Icelanders
The ugly duckling

So myself and himself have gotten in the habit of bedtime stories. We started off with some fairy tales. First […]

The hidden chamber (Fragile Things week 2)

I’m, as usual, playing catch. Never got around to posting on the stories I read for week 2, so hopefully […]


A retelling of the story of Beauty & the beast Read for this year’s RIP challenge. Check out the RIP […]

The Fairy Reel (Fragile things group read, Week1)

Third post on the group read of Fragile Things. I started with the introduction, where some people like to start, […]