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Freakily awesome

via topless robot [...]

Galaxy of passion

via broadsheet.ie [...]


Shiny-ness from CONVERTING VEGETARIANS. [...]

dear tom hiddleston;

Awesome pic nabbed from dear tom hiddleston;. [...]

Twisted Fairy Tale by *Shira-chan on deviantART

Twisted Fairy Tale by *Shira-chan on deviantART. [...]

Neil Gaiman in Russian

See more awesomness on tumblr [...]

Author talk

As you may remember, last ye [...]

The absolute Sandman vol. 1

Where do you start when trying to review a collection like this? I really have no idea. I was going to give up before I even began; admit [...]

Monsters of men

Author: Patrick Ness ; Bk 3 in Chaos Walking trilogy. The final book in a series can often be a tough one to read and enjoy. On the one han [...]
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