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Once Upon a Time VIII

Yesterday was March 21st, which for many people means the start of spring. Here in Ireland spring starts on February 1st, and we already hav [...]

Little help?

Hi all, as you may have noticed I’ve changed blog theme. But before I changed Kailana told me she was having problems commenting. And [...]

Merry 2014

I know, we’re ten days into January now, but as I’ve said on numerous occasions here on this very blog, better late than never. [...]

A more diverse universe blog tour

This year from November 15th to 17th BookLust is hosting The More Diverse Universe blog tour A More Diverse Universe celebrates diversity in [...]

Template shenanigans

I am messing about with various templates at the moment. None decided on as final, but if you notice anything weird that is the reason why. [...]

My wedding cake

I got married on Thursday, a quiet affair. Registry office and then out with the families for a meal. And maybe one in the pub afterwards :) [...]

Hello world

Well it has been a while hasn’t it? My last post was way back in December of last year. That’s almost four full months! The main [...]

In the eye of the beholder

Kameron Hurley, author of God’s War wasn’t overly impressed by The Cabin in the Woods, as maybe you can tell from this short exc [...]

Joss Whedon Is Our Leader Now

ViaSarah Anne Langton. [...]
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