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Books/Films that give part or all of the story from the point of view of a female-presenting character


Normal people by

What is a normal person? Is anyone normal? and if not, does that not mean that everyone is? I guess normality...


Us dir. by

Okay, so I don’t think I ever reviewed Get Out when I watched it. But I loved it, and have seen...


Prince Caspian by

The Chronicles of Narnia : Book 2 (published order) or book 4 (chronological order) In this book the Pevensie children are...


Goddess by

I came across a mention of Julie d’Aubugny when Oisin McGann retweeted a Quite Interesting fact about her Has anyone written...


Swordheart by

I loved this book. I pretty much read it in one sitting, with occasional breaks for a cup of tea and...