TT #29

9 August 2007

Everyone loves stats. And everyone who has a blog loves learning who came a-visiting and why. So, with thanks to Statcounter I’m revealing 13 questions or queries that people wanted answers to on my site.

  1. how believable is die hard 4.0 – I’m guessing not very. Afterall, the whole premise is pretty unbelievable, never mind the fact that John McClane “kills a helicopter with a car”. Still it is entertaining. And that is more important than reality. As reality tc has taught us.
  2. name of the song from the prison break ad on rte2 – Hmm, there are two. One of them is by Arcade Fire, I can’t remember the exact title, but I think it is Intervention. The other one, which mixed different programmes together, The Sopranos, Prison Break amongst others is by The Mission UK and is called Father
  3. what book was the movie alpha dog based on – It was based on the true story of Jesse James Hollywood, and from what I know it wasn’t based on any book at all.
  4. To the person who came looking for the most violent fairy tale I really don’t know what to say. Originally they were all pretty violent, but over the years they’ve been sanitized. Red Riding Hood has a lot of violence. A granny being eaten by a wolf. A woodsman chopping open a wolf. Lot of blood there. Snow White and the Seven Dwaves likewise. Okay, so the evil queen’s henchman didn’t cut open Snow White’s chest cavity and pull out her heart, but he did do that to a deer. Anyone else want to provide some blood-soaked fairy tales?
  5. what do you wear to a baptism if you are the godmother – I asked the very same question at one stage. No definite answers. Just remember a baby will be involved to nothing to white :)
  6. To the person who wanted to see hurling and lucozade sport ad 2007 I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I was looking at one stage and couldn’t find it either. There are plenty of other GAA ads on YouTube though.
  7. brent pope rugby bioWell, there is a bit here and a little bit more here, but if you’re looking for a whole book I can’t see one. He does write children’s books though
  8. ‘jack rackham’ pre-pirate – Try wikipedia
  9. song words little musgrave – planxty – Well, you can Listen here. And read here. Planxty are mighty altogether :) aren’t they?
  10. Gene Hunt huntisms – I have a collection here, but you might also want to take a look here as well
  11. what is idris elba im address – now what sort of a question is that? Do you know him? Well then ask him, otherwise leave him alone. I’m sure he has an agent you can contact. Try IMDb
  12. cheyenne, matrilineal society – Now this is a controversial topic. Cause yes, they were matrilineal, in that the family name went through the mothers. Stands to reason really. Only women can be sure that a child is in fact theirs. Or at least according to some anthropologists. Others say not. Try looking for articles and research in your local library. Or Google Scholar might be a good place to start.
  13. rugby – you really need to be a little more specific in your searches.

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21 Responses

  1. weenie says:

    Funny, I really can't remember what I wore at my godson's christening, except that it wasn't white!

    I seem to recall that certain family friends at the time questioned my mate's decision to make me godmother to her firstborn, as I was unmarried and my christianity was 'questionable'…She was adamant though and it's funny that out of all her children's godparents, I'm the only one who keeps in regular contact, never forgetting birthdays etc.

  2. Damozel says:

    What a great idea for a T13. I wonder what my queries would be like. Lately most of them have seemed to be about Hillary Clinton's v-neck shirt and her "shameless" display of cleavage.

    I have read some horribly violent fairy tales in a book from my grandfather's childhood, but I don't even like to think of them. We are talking PORNOGRAPHIC violence (in terms of intensity and detail, not because it's specifically sexual). The girl at the end of the one story who gets dragged through the street in a barrel of nails.. No.

  3. Fence says:

    White is never a good colour when children are involved weenie :) I don't know if religion really matters for people know when picking a godparent.

    Hi Damozel, blogstats are such fun :)

    There are loads of really violent fairy tales, no doubt intended as a warning :) There was one I remember reading about a Big and Little Claus who had a bit of a tiff, and Big Claus killed Little Claus' horse with a hammer to the head, and that was only the beginning. Lovely stuff.

  4. SciFiChick says:

    It's always fun to see how people find my site. These are quite unique though!

  5. Alice says:

    For violent fairy tales, Bluebeard's a pretty good one; not many others can beat a room full of butchered ex-wives and a husband threatening to do the same to our heroine… I think there's a reason that Disney hasn't gone there yet.

  6. Splash says:

    Hey great list!

    I remember on one of the search engines, I think it was metacrawler, they had a "voyeur" page where you could watch what people were searching for. Hypnotic.

  7. This was an interesting read. I post about some of the odd searches that people do on my site once-in-a-while. The oddest thing for me is that the most hits I have ever got come (yes, I said come because I still get several hits every day) from talking about a Google dress that Pamela Anderson wore.

  8. Barbara H. says:

    I haven't had too many offbeat ones, but I don't always think to look. Maybe it would be interesting to do so! :)

  9. Looking through the search queries for my own site is fun. Seeing other peoples is more fun in a strange way because I don't have any context to make them make any sort of sense :-)

  10. Cassie says:

    That sure was an interesting list! Now I have a stupid question…how do you find out what people searched for? I have a Blogger Blog and I think it's got a search thingy on it but actually I don't remember…that old fibromyalgia fog strikes again :P

  11. Amanda says:

    Happy Thursday!

  12. Jenny says:

    Gee I just came from a friends site and she has the same layout. LOL. Small 'net eh?

  13. Talena says:

    "Snow White and Rose Red" is pretty bad, not to mention a few other ones my parents use to scare–I mean, soothe–me to sleep with as a kid.

    Hansel and Gretel–what kind of sick, twisted person would read that to their kid before bed? "If you're not good I'm going to leave you in the middle of the forest where you will be eaten by an old witch." Yep, sounds like the stuff of healthy childhood fantasy to me!

  14. jean pierre says:

    this is hilarious! they're such random questions!!!

    but at least it shows one thing – your blog must be quite popular if search engines prioritise your blog for these searches…

    also, it shows how random your blog is! :)

  15. Fence says:

    SciFiChick it is fun, isn't it.

    Oh, I'd forgotten about Bluebeard Alice. That is full of bloodshed, isn't it?

    Splash, I think that I've seen that, but can't remember where. I do like Google's top searches thingy though.

    thebluestbutterfly I wouldn't have thought that Pamela Anderson was a draw anymore, but obviously I'm wrong :)

    Barbara I take a peak every few days. Just to see.

    Cassie statcounter give you code to install, you just copy and paste the details in your template and you're good to go.

    And to you Amanda.

    Senseless eh Mark? Sounds like most statistics :)

    It is indeed Jenny.

    Talena, terror is good for the soul.

    JP they are quite random. Thats the ting about blogging whatever comes into your head.

  16. Kim says:

    One of my most popular hits is "how to make opium out of poppy seeds." *Sigh*

    Stats are tons of fun though, great idea for a TT!

  17. alan says:

    Excellent idea Fence! Give you readers what they came for in the first place!

    I have statscounter thingy-me-bob set up for my site, but I fell like a bit of a voyeur logging in to see which of my buttons they've pressed…

    Still, doesn't stop me checking. ;-)

  18. I agree with Alice, Bluebeard is the seminal violent fairy tale, I also thought of 2 other examples which are at least as frightening: "The Girl who trod on the loaf" and "Hansel and Gretel".

  19. Anna says:

    I love Prison Break…Wentworth Miller is so cute!!

  20. Nymeth says:

    When considering the old fairy tales it is hard to find one without violence! "The Armless Maiden" is one I've always found particularly disturbing.

  21. Sean says:

    It's not a Thursday Thirteen, but how about a Sunday Seven? with pictures. one picture, anyway. digital, simulated, & such.

    Of seven components to that image:

    1) Hustla' hat, because you need something stylish to keep the sun out of the eyes.

    2) Dark phantom mask, because mystery is an element of a person, and the archetypical shadow is typefied of it.

    3) "Nerd shoes" with black socks, because they'd probably be comfortable, and the socks keep it from standing out.

    4) "Cargo shorts", because they're about the right length, and wear pretty well, regardless of the additional pockets.

    5) Dark-colored button-up shirt, because it fits. I dunno, it just seems like the right thing to wear.

    In a few spots of this, it does match my usual, off-duty attire.

    6) Cthulu in 2008, political spin-fest material, because rooting for the great devourer of tunas might seem to have as much point to it as rooting for any other candidate to the 2k8 US presidential elections.

    7) Buzz-cut, under the hat. The Army says you can have longer hair than that, but my unit sure doesn't, and it ain't much of an issue to press, I figure.

    Off-line from the seven: (A) Tornado in the background, maybe it's outbound to Oz, or something; (B) five-o-clock shadow, because I am off duty, here; (C) buzz-cut, under the hat, because I won't be off duty, for long

    I'm guessing that some folks might be startled/scared/bugged at the incidence of that image, into the context of your 'blog — maybe I ain't been used to the right culture, but I'm about thinking as so. I may assure the reader, it's meant in appreciation. It's been a novel entertainment, on one simple Sunday morning.

    Violent fairy tales? The three billy-goat's gruff — something about a troll, in it, if I recall that correctly. I'm not sure if it came out of the Brothers' Grimm ole think-tank, but I could expect that it done.

    Adio-e-ue, beaunito Mademoiselle-orita.

    (It's Frenchlish — perhaps not quite as suave as Spanglish, sure. I thought I'd give it try, anyhew. )

    Adieu — or may I say, beannacht?

    (Freedict mentions it, in translation for adieu, but I'm not immediately familiar with the Gaelic language — if that is Gaelic.)