2016 Reading Stats

These figures only apply to reviewed books, I’ve read more than twice what I reviewed according to my Goodreads account.
In 2016 I read & reviewed 50 books, 34 by women (68%) & 16 by men (32%).
Five by Irish authors, 16 by UK or US authors, and 15 by authors from everywhere else in the world.

My tagging for other categories hasn’t been all that systematic so I’m working on that for 2017. We’ll see how it goes.

34 books by women :

16 books by men :

Five books by Irish authors :

16 books by Uk or US authors :

Which leaves 15 by other nationalities… that’s not great, but not utterly terrible I suppose.

And only 3 books made me cry or at least I tagged three books with that, there may have been more.