TT #27

Thirteen Things about Me

  1. I shall go to football this evening. Unless it rains.
  2. I’m already hacking my lungs up, so running about in the rain would be silly.
  3. I should go buy some cough medicine, but laziness intervened.
  4. And I’ve run out of my throat lozenge thingies.
  5. Well, not run out, but forgotten, or lost. Whatever, it all means the same thing. I don’t have any with me.
  6. Yes, I could pop out and buy some, but you know, the whole laziness thing.
  7. I was going to mention the fact that, once again, I haven’t become a millionaire, but the lotto site is taking an age to load. I may have won another tenner!
  8. I’ve started getting back into SG-1 again. It isn’t as good with the new crew, I miss Jack, but it is still entertaining enough crap.
  9. I’ve also started watching Profiler. SciFiUk are showing it at 6 everyday. According to IMDb it had 4 seasons. Who knew it lasted so long?
  10. I’m thinking of converting. Or possibly even getting ordained.
  11. I’ve been wasting time lately tidying up tags. You know, converting all my ones that say bored, or yawn, etc to say Bored Now! It is time consuming and pointless.
  12. That is the point of all procrastination though, right?
  13. I’m really looking forward to this year’s world cup. Yes, it doesn’t start until September, but have you noticed how fast this year is going? If I don’t mention it now, I’ll blink and suddenly before I can say, dude, the rwc is almost here, it’ll be over.
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