Expect Fox to cancel it after 3 episodes

I’m not sure what to make of this: Via Damien Mulley On one hand the first two Terminator films were great, the third was a bit pants, and too self-referential and mocking. On one hand it has Summer Glau in it, and who doesn’t love Summer?, but on the other, it has Fievel Mousekewitz in […]


Was perusing[1] NineMoon’s site and noticed that she has become a Lost fan. I’ve been watching it since it started on RTE (12/13 weeks ago) but is a late-comer and reduced to E4 (who’ve just begun). Have to say I’m getting a bit weary of Lost never resolving anything at all, it could do with […]

Lost – Special

Episode 14

This episode centres on Walt and Michael, with flashbacks of how Walt ended up not knowing his father, and living in Australia. As well as how Michael regained custody. We also see more hints that Walt is, as the episode title suggests, special.

But this show would want to start doing a little more than hinting.
I mean I do get that there are a whole load of characters and they all have their own backstories, but Lost is starting to drag. The problem, I think, is that every aspect of the story is arc-base. There is no resolution at all in any of the episodes, everything is focused on what happens next.

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Lost – Hearts and Minds

Episode # 13

A good episode here. I didn’t review the previous one Whatever the Case May Be because it wasn’t good and I didn’t have anything to say about it. This one however was very, very interesting.

We got to see Boone’s flashbacks, and they said a fair bit about his and Shannon’s history. I have to say I was a little unsure of their exact relationship and once we saw a little of their past it was safe to say there was no way they were just brother and sister.

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Lost – All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issue

You know Lost is starting to bug me. The storylines are interesting and the mysterious island is a great device. Throwing all these people together, the never knowing quite what to expect. All interesting and promising much. But despite this I often just don’t care what happens. Maybe it is down to Jack. I’ve said […]

Lost 1.04 – Walkabout

Okay, so far we know that there are around 48 survivors of the plane crash, that there is some huge weird beast living on the island, that there are polar bears in the jungle, and that people aren’t straightforward (although I guess we should know that from real life right?).
This episode concentrates on Locke, the more-than-slightly odd fella.