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28 March 2006

Slacking off am I? I’ll give you slacking off[1] I’ll make your eyes weep from reading so much. So I will.

Or maybe not.

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work yesterday, and I heard a comment that surprised me. Seems that an interrogation with An Gardaí is nothing like what you might see on TV cop shows. Not even like a moderately hard job interview.

They had this former detective on discussing the drive-by shooting on the M50[2] and he was saying that the gardaí have to submit their questions in writing before the interrogation takes place. That three questions in a row can lead to evidence being inadmissible as they were pressing too hard.

He can’t have described the situation accurately can he?

And as for those fucking idiots who texted in to The Last Word! “shure twasn’t it only the criminals that were killin’ each other. And shure isn’t that grand that they’d be taking care of the problem themselves. And isn’t it grand that the blackguards chase each other down the motorway at half-four in the morning, shooting automatic weapons. At least it wasn’t rush hour when other people might have been involved, isn’t that right?”

That Lost show was on last night. And it really is getting worse, imo of course.

My big problem with Lost, apart from Jack and Kate being moronic idiots, is that Nothing. Ever. Happens. Oh, there is plenty of running around and messing things up going on, but where are the plot developments? Anyone seen any character growth?

NM was right when she said it was the WOT of TV-land.

Last night’s episode was The Other 48 Days wherin we got a lovely pointless view of what life was like Show Spoiler ▼

A pointless recap. have I said that already? Let me say it again, pointless.

Show Spoiler ▼

I think the makers of Lost should watch some Battlestar Galactica and learn a few things. Like, just because something is happening doesn’t mean you have to ram it down our throats. like maybe trusting their audience to have even half a brain, and letting the viewers engage with the show instead of feeling nothing but exasperation.

First break last night and my flatmate turned to me and said she was getting rather frustrated with Lost and its pointlessness. And you know what, a few more episodes like this, and there will be no frustration from me cause I won’t be watching.

We got ourselves a brand new station starting on thursday. With the clever title of Six, despite the fact that it’ll be the fifth Irish channel. Something to do with them furrin Englander stations we all get. Anyways, that is all beside the point, cause I caught a bit of their promo yesterday, and joy of joys I’ll finally be able to watch The Inside, can I get a w00t? and a squeeee? Plus they will be showing House, Prison Break the American version of the Office, the Sopranos from the start, and many more shows both crap and interesting. So you see Lost, I don’t need you. There is shiny new tv coming my way.

And while I’m moaning about Lost, can I just suggest that they stole the plot from Spy Kids II[3] Where the kids get shipwrecked on a strange island, that no one has ever heard of, and there are strange animals in the jungle, and nothing is what it seems. Hell, there are even bunkers with mad-men. A coincidence, I hardly think so ;)

Hmmm, anything else I can witter on about. Probably not. Although you will be excited to hear that I have begun to get tough on noise in the library. Yeah, thats right, I’m tough on noise, tough on the causes of noise. You know, like students.

I was going to exclaim over the fact that while The Proposition only got a 16 rating, Inside Man was 18’s. And the only thing I could think of to justify this was the fact that the mayor (I think) in Inside Man refers to the Jodie Foster character as a fantastic cunt. Ooooooh, the c word… But then I checked the censor’s website, and it turns out its only 15A and that Cineworld put up the wrong cert outside the screen. So there for ya.

okay, I’m done. For the moment.


  1. I won’t really. I’ll give you the opposite
  2. 20 shots, no deaths, victims wearing bullet-proof vests
  3. i think it was the second one I saw when I was home

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8 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Well I feel much better now. Ta.

  2. NineMoons says:

    Woot squee. Etc. Did it all over the phone last night anyay.
    Here goes spoiler tags…
    <spoiler>I just came within a hairsbreadth of bawling in a hearing. I have a massive lump in my throat. It hurts.</spoiler>

  3. NineMoons says:

    Cool. It worked.

  4. Fence says:

    Congrats. You can now spoil, and not spoil at the same time.

    Any decisions on the kino-ing tomorrow? I've a feeling that Tsosti will be gone next week so will go on Thursday iffin you don't want to go.
    Still don't know any more about it, but don't think it is frothness and light

  5. Kelly says:

    You know, I lost interest in Lost near the end of its first season and have had no desire to follow it this one. Stephen King says it's the best show on the air! WHA?? It really IS boring.

    I have never heard anyone call anybody else a cunt in a movie. That's just one word I'm not fond of.

  6. Fence says:

    Yeah, it does seem to be the last curse word that people will generally complain over. But I got desensitized to it after spending a year sharing a flat with a fella who used it at the drop of a hat. Or even a hat staying on a head :)

  7. Kelly says:

    Maybe I should try casually dropping it into conversation with, say, my kids and see if I can get used to it. What do you think, Master?

    <spoiler> Bator.</spoiler>