Lost 1.04 – Walkabout dir. by

8 June 2005

Script: ,
Cast: , , , , ,

Okay, so far we know that there are around 48 survivors of the plane crash, that there is some huge weird beast living on the island, that there are polar bears in the jungle, and that people aren’t straightforward (although I guess we should know that from real life right?).
This episode concentrates on Locke, the more-than-slightly odd fella.
The group are interrupted (scared) by some wild pigs in the middle of night. Next day Locke comes up with a plan for hunting them, which is kind of important, seeing as they’ve eaten most of the food.

So a small group goes off a hunting pigs. Kate too, but she is more concerned with placing an antenna so Sayid can try to trace the power source of the mysterious French broadcast. Trouble is, despite Locke’s plan things don’t turn out to well and Michael ends up gored/gashed by a pig. Kate tries to help him back to the beach, with a little stop along the way to place the antenna. Only for the mysterious beastie to make an appearance, and, by the looks of it, head off to eat Locke who is still in hot pursuit of the bacon.

But Locke returns safe and sound, and with pig! Not only that, but we know he saw the beast up close and personal, yet when Jack asks him about it, he denies having seen it.

Then there is the issue of the mysterious person Jack kept seeing. And the fact that he was very uncomfortable with the idea of a memorial service for the dead people (they’ve now been burned).

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But overall, I’d say this was my favourite episode so far, any coincidence that it was written by “The Fury”?

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