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26 April 2006


During the final ad break of last night’s BSG a promo for Sky’s 10 o’clock news came on. It had one headline. Do you know what that was?[1] The main news story was that Tom Cruise was going to…[2] shock horror, a film premiere. And not just any première, but one for Mission Impossible III, a film he starred in.

Now I can easily see that making the news, after all entertainment is news nowadays, but for it to be the headline event?

Was yesterday a slow news day? Couldn’t they have come up with anything better? A cat stuck up a tree’d make for a more interesting story if you ask me.

And, speaking of animal rescues[3] a new programme all about the various SPCAs started last night. And one of the people being investigated was this old fella living in the middle of Connemara. He was just a typical auld lad, turf fire, couple of dogs and cats, sheep farmer. These sorts of bachelor farmers were pretty much gone at this stage, but he was still there, “walking 5 mile upa mountain” every day. Yer wan from the Galway SPCA took two of his dogs off him. He wasn’t really abusing them or anything, just underfeeding them, one tin of dog food between two working sheep dogs and a puppy doesn’t go far. But she left him the puppy, on the understanding that it’d be fed properly.

Oh, and don’t get too used to the current theme, because I’m thinking of going red in support of Munster in the lead up to the final on May 20th. It may not happen, we’ll see.

And seeing as I mentioned BSG, I’m a bit undecided about this season. there is so much that’s really great about this show, but they have these annoying habits. First off there is the slightly over-done documentary style. They just seem to over use it a tad, and for no realy purpose. Then there is the flashbacks, again, over-used. And now they seem to be Show Spoiler ▼

but it seems like they find a way of doing something, a way that is sometimes excellent, and then over do it to death.

And while I’m talking about tv I may as well mention Lost. We had a good episode on Monday. I know. I’m shocked too. things happened. The story progressed. Yes there were flashbacks but not silly pointless ones. And Show Spoiler ▼

course they’ll probably ruin this by recapping and doing nothing for the next five weeks.


  1. you probably do if you were watching, but how many of you were
  2. dots are pronounced dun. Now, say it out loud. See
  3. segue, segue

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7 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Tom Cruise scares me. I've already said that, haven't I. Well it bears repeating. And seeing him all over the place because of both MI3 and his baby is doing nothing to reassure me. In fact, it makes me wonder if the release date (baby or/and film) wasn't a marketing operation.

  2. Fence says:

    Indeed, that is worth repeating.

    you know I never got the whole "Tom Cruise thing" I mean, he isn't good looking. He isn't a terrible actor, but he isn't the best either. And he comes across like a bit of a weirdo. So why is he such a star?

    And don't think you can be cynical enough

  3. Paige says:

    Dear Fence,
    Thanks for always dropping by and encouraging me. I love the new look btw.
    Have to disagree on the TC front. He is a babe and his acting convinces me. But then I think Mary Harney is a good politician! You might even prompt me into a "Why I love Tom Cruise" Blog or even a "Tom Cruise or Andy Garcia" meme.

  4. Fence says:

    Ahhhhh! A Tom Cruise fan! Run away. Run away! ;)

    I'd be interested in the Tom Cruise or Any Garcia meme. Gwan, go for it.

  5. Mal says:

    What's a meme? Wasn't that Richard Dawkins's coinage for a cultural phenomenon that reproduces itself like a gene does in physics? It doesn't seem to apply here. Hang on, Tom Cruise…maybe…

    One of the reasons I rarely read newspaper is because I'm sick of the celebrity news that has infilftrated even "serious" newspapers. I don't care how many babies Angelina Jolie has, even if she's the most gorgeous woman in the world. (Actually Nigella Lawson has recently overtaken her as my World Number One, but two isn't bad).

    I don't have a vendetta against actors, by the way…

  6. Carl V. says:

    I waver back and forth between feeling guilty that I'm not watching BSG or Lost and then being glad I'm not. 99% of the time I'm glad I am not watching. I'm sure I would love the shows but the freedom of not having to keep up with them in the midst of all the other things I want and need to do is worth it. My wife and I are currently working our way through Farscape, just finished season one, and I'm loving it. To be able to sit down and just watch show after show whenever we feel like it is grand. If I ever watch BSG or Lost it will no doubt be this way long after the show is over. Yes, I'm always the one in the comic store or out with the fellas that can't contribute to the BSG/Lost/Stargate conversations, but I enjoy experiencing other's passion regarding these shows and am just one less person trying to get a word in edgewise!

  7. Fence says:

    Mal a meme is exactly that, only on the internet its become sorta like a group activity. One person will post a list of something or other and tag other people They post a similar list and so on.

    Carl I think you have it the right way, wait till the season ends then invest in dvds. Only problem is that if enough people don't watch the tv show then the programme gets cancelled too quickly