Lost – Special dir. by

16 August 2005

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Episode 14

This episode centres on Walt and Michael, with flashbacks of how Walt ended up not knowing his father, and living in Australia. As well as how Michael regained custody. We also see more hints that Walt is, as the episode title suggests, special.

But this show would want to start doing a little more than hinting.
I mean I do get that there are a whole load of characters and they all have their own backstories, but Lost is starting to drag. The problem, I think, is that every aspect of the story is arc-base. There is no resolution at all in any of the episodes, everything is focused on what happens next.

Of course there are other interesting things going on. Boone in particular seems to have totally turned against everyone apart from Locke. And again, Locke himself is made very hard to read. We know that he thinks Walt is special. We know that he thinks the island is a good thing. We also know that he thinks there is going to be the “taking of sides” at some point in the future. Yet he never really acts against anyones interest, and works hard to ensure that Walt respects his father.

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