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Last episode of season 2 of Lost was on last night. And can I just say that this has to be the most pointless telly watching I have ever done. I don’t like the characters. Even Charlie is annoying at this stage. I despise Jack with his “leadership issues”. Kate is a moany cow who thinks she is tough but all she ever seems to do is stare out to sea mournfully. Okay, so Sawyer is interesting on the eyes, but, characterwise he aint going anywhere except round in circles.

None of the characters are.

Sure, we have flashback after flashback after flashback telling us backstory and revealing the trials and tribulations they all faced, along with cool, neat[1] appearances from other characters that they didn’t know back then.

But it is all so annoyingly pointless and irrelevant. There is no development of characters. None of them understand the others any better because while we may see the flashback there is no sense of them sharing their histories with each other. And showing Sun in the background while Jack moans at the airport? I mean it isn’t even really all that much of a coincidence, they were boarding the same plane afterall.

And I totally get that there is this one big arc that will be revealed when the entire show is completed, but you know what’d be nice, do you? Any fucking sort of resolution. To anything. but we never get that. Everything is so open ended and open to interpretation that it is pointless to watch what happens, because none of it means anything.

So why am I still watching? Honestly? cause there is nothing else on at the same time. but I don’t think I care enough to tune in next season. I’m bored with their boring adventures. Even that Show Spoiler ▼

Because I just don’t care. Course it does provide me with moan-worthy posts, so maybe that’s all it needs to do?

The problem, I think, is that they are going in circles, and even when shit happens, it takes so long that it feels like nothing has happened. And, despite all the stuff that has happened, it hasn’t had an impact. Nothing has changed. And it is all so boring.


  1. please note, this is sarcasm and should not be taken as anything approaching truth

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