Lost – All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issue dir. by

26 July 2005

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You know Lost is starting to bug me. The storylines are interesting and the mysterious island is a great device. Throwing all these people together, the never knowing quite what to expect. All interesting and promising much.

But despite this I often just don’t care what happens. Maybe it is down to Jack. I’ve said all along I don’t like him, and I haven’t changed my mind yet. But there is also the fact that he is a total fool, and I don’t really know why the others think he is such a great leader. I’m willing to accept that he is a great doc., but his mad running around in the jungle in this episode. What was that all about?

Maybe I’m being too harsh?

Also, most of this episode seemed to provide an opportunity for more Jack flashbacks. Bored Now!
Still, there were some interesting developments. First off, that Ethan was pretty dangerous don’t you think? And Sayid and Sawyer seemed to have resolved at least some of their differences. Although I never bought Sawyer as the “bad guy”, he was too OTT at the start. Sayid’s character I do like, and i think his past is kinda interesting.

Of course the big development this week was what happened to Charlie and Claire. Claire is still missing, why do the mysterious jungle-people want her? As for Charlie, Show Spoiler ▼

And then there is that little kid. He seems very lucky, don’t you think?

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