Yes we can!

20 January 2009

I should get up off my arse and go pee.

So America has a new president. Congrats all. Wish we could get a new government. I have totally no confidence in the present load of TDs and ministers. But this is not a political blog, so that’s enough of that.

BSG has just started its final season/second half of the final season. And I’m totally like, hmmmm, dude. wtf! And Lost is back on Sunday. I’m having an extended weekend though, will be away, so may not get to see it. The loss, if it occurs, will be harsh, but I’m sure I can deal.

Also, I have to go pee, but I’m lazy. And the bathroom is all the way over there….

Just got my tickets to the upcoming Ireland V France match, that’s right, the Six Nations is kicking off soon. Only its on the 7th at 5.00pm. And the niece is being christened on the 8th. How inconvenient is that! Plus I’ve won some after-match-special-yoke thing. I’ll have to investigate travelling on the Sun morning. But I had planned to take de mudder to the game. I’m guessing she won’t want to travel on the Sun. The other option was the brother. But he has to be at the christening as he is going to be The Godfather. So I can’t really ask if he wants to. Just in case the train is delayed or summat. Still I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Right, really got to go pee now. And then to my bed. Best option all around.

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