Lost – Solitary dir. by

13 July 2005

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Rated :

I haven’t reviewed an episode of Lost in a while, mainly because I’ve been getting a little bored. Every episode seems to follow the same pattern with the flashbacks and the finding out the background of whomever is in the starring role

And although this episode did have the same general structure, focusing on Sayid’s past, it fitted in really well with the rest of the storylines. I do think that some aspects of Lost are pretty obvious. I mean that whole moth storyline in the Charlie flashback episode? And Sawyer was clearly not going to be all bad.

Maybe this was more enjoyable to me because leader-boy didn’t have such a starring role. Too busy off playing golf.

Plus the introduction of the French woman. And the mention of the others, whoever they may be. What did she mean by sick? I do like the way we get hints of what may be to come. Hopefully the next few episodes will stay this good. After the moth episode I was tempted to give up.

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