But the facts about cervical cancer are stark. Each year in Ireland more than 6,500 women need hospital treatment for precancer of the cervix. About 300 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer caused by HPV every year, and 90 of those die from the disease. Mary Minihan – TDs must stop playing politics with the […]

This is such shite. This has nothing to do with believing in free speech or defending same. All it is is an excuse to generate publicity and notoriety. Kevin Myers' role in censorship debate in Limerick criticised by renowned feminist professor as 'provocative' movehttps://t.co/v1lXNe3gSL — Anne Sheridan (@annesheridan1) August 15, 2017

2010 #9

Last weekend I went on a walk entitled Irish women of war & peace. It was in part to celebrate International Women’s Day, hence the focus on women who were active in Ireland in the early 1900s. This photo is a re-enactor performing as Lady Gregory. If you’ve never heard of her, well shame on you! but I suppose I can tell you a few facts. She was heavily involved in the arts in Ireland, especially the Irish Literary Revival. She helped set up the Abbey theatre, along with the likes of WB Yeats.

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