Unseen academicals

9780385609340 In the back streets of Ankh-Morpork football is king. And those “Faces” in the shove, or crowd, are just as important as the players. After all, no one really ever sees the game itself, apart from the odd and fleeting glimpse. And in the shove Trev Likely is a name people know, he is […]

Hmm. Well, I’m off. Mantain speed and heading, Mr. Lightoller.

Ooops, almost didn’t post today. That would have been a disaster considering my ambition is to post every day this week. I know, I could have remained silent on that and no one would have known about my near failure, or indeed my failure tomorrow, or whenever it comes, but then I wouldn’t have had […]

Minnows V muppets

Or so one of the papers put it. All I can say is OMFG! 2-1. Two-one!? First of all, we only managed to score two goals! and second of all we let San Marino score. San Ma-fucking-rino? There aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to convey my shock. I mean, we all expected at […]

Football warning and Week 181

EDIT: Luna Nina is up and running again and she says:

  1. Requirements ::
  2. Pizza ::
  3. Dating ::
  4. Issue ::
  5. Sharp ::
  6. Distinguish ::
  7. Remote ::
  8. Felony ::
  9. Exercise ::
  10. Choose ::

Mine will be under the cut

The Premiership hasn’t quite started up yet, but you can still pick a team over at theFantasy Permiership. And if you do, you may as well join my league, by entering the following code: 28597-30580
This year I will play throughout the season. I will. Not like last year when I sorta got a little disinterested half way through.

Also I haven’t forgotten about LunaNina and our weekly associations game, but the site is down, so we can’t play along. Not yet anyway.

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Jaysis lads, ye can’t be doin’ that

Is Sligo turning into the next Limerick[1] Okay, so Im stirring, but look, bombings, which may, or may not, be related to feuding families. And onto the world cup, did you watch England play? Was a good match I thought, not great, but 4 goals made it entertaining enough. And poor old Michael Owen. That’s […]