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Unseen academicals

In the back streets of Ankh-Morpork football is king. And those “Faces” in the shove, or crowd, are just as […]

Hmm. Well, I’m off. Mantain speed and heading, Mr. Lightoller.

Ooops, almost didn’t post today. That would have been a disaster considering my ambition is to post every day this […]

You must be as strong in March, when the fish are down

I owns a football club. Well I have a share in a thingy that owns a football club. Yup, that’s […]

The raven chides blackness!

So there is this footballer named Stephen Ireland, and last weekend he scored a goal, and promptly dropped his shorts […]


If you are thinking of rereading the Harry Potter books before the last book[1] comes out you might want to […]

Dude, seriously?

Irish fans make me laugh. They have no right to expect anything – they don’t support their own league, expect English clubs to take their youth and train them into footballers and (like Humphries) only think about football when the GAA isn’t on.

Minnows V muppets

Or so one of the papers put it. All I can say is OMFG! 2-1. Two-one!? First of all, we […]

Football warning and Week 181

EDIT: Luna Nina is up and running again and she says: Requirements :: Pizza :: Dating :: Issue :: Sharp […]

Trademark nonsense

You may have gotten this in your email, but just in case you haven’t I thought I’d share the wonder […]

A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.

scroll down for the edited additions Scheise! Don’t you just hate it when you know what you are going to […]

Jaysis lads, ye can’t be doin’ that

Is Sligo turning into the next Limerick[1] Okay, so Im stirring, but look, bombings, which may, or may not, be […]

That was both brutal and brutal

That has to have been the worst match of the World Cup so far. The US did nothing but foul, […]