Last month I only read four books, but one of them was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell which probably counts as at least 3 regular -sized books. The others were All Systems Red, Wyrd Sisters, and The last family in England. And I was going to be all “book of the month” and pick one […]

extract from Circe

Madeline Miller has posted a link to an extract of her new book Circe. I really loved her Song of Achilles so I’m looking forward to this.

Look at the pretties : Diana Sudyka

For more about Diana Sudyka see her website at You can buy her prints from her shop there. This painting, Break for Rain, is raising money for the White Helmets, which is such a great cause. She also has an etsy shop, but is taking a short break from that. And you can also […]

Woodcut entitled Badger Family by Ian MacCulloch

Look at the pretties : Ian MacCulloch

A while back, trying to make my facebook feed somewhat prettier I followed a few art pages. So I get to see some great art. But sometimes they forget to link to the artist’s webpage, or twitter/facebook/social media of their choice. I figure that if I like the art enough to go find out more […]