Last month I only read four books, but one of them was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell which probably counts as at least 3 regular -sized books. The others were All Systems Red, Wyrd Sisters, and The last family in England. And I was going to be all “book of the month” and pick one […]

extract from Circe

Madeline Miller has posted a link to an extract of her new book Circe. I really loved her Song of Achilles so I’m looking forward to this.

Woodcut entitled Badger Family by Ian MacCulloch

Look at the pretties : Ian MacCulloch

A while back, trying to make my facebook feed somewhat prettier I followed a few art pages. So I get to see some great art. But sometimes they forget to link to the artist’s webpage, or twitter/facebook/social media of their choice. I figure that if I like the art enough to go find out more […]