You must be as strong in March, when the fish are down

I owns a football club.

Well I have a share in a thingy that owns a football club. Yup, that’s right, I shelled my €70ish and paid for a share in MyFootballClub and now own a teeny tiny percentage in Ebbsfleet Utd.

C’mon The Fleet

Title provided by GIANLUCA VIALLI

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6 responses on You must be as strong in March, when the fish are down

  1. YAY!

    Good odds on the Fleet being promoted this season…I may have a little wager!

    I see you have the old badge there – before they changed their name to Ebbsfleet…

  2. yeah, the proper website was down when I tried to nick the image yesterday so I had to make do with that one. A lot worse is the fact that I had the wrong name up there, but I've edited it now and we're all good :)
    Twitter: ecnef

  3. cool! i saw the website guy interviewed on sky news too and am tempted. if they had bought notts forest, i would have had to buy a few (if that's allowed..)

  4. Yes!


    Janine, you can only buy the one share. But I suppose you could get one for everybody in your family and then "persuade" them to vote the way you want to :)
    Twitter: ecnef

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