All the Rage

Most great activists—from Ida B. Wells to Dolores Huerta to Harvey Milk to Bill McKibben—are motivated by love, first of all. If they are angry, they are angry at what harms the people and phenomena they love, but their urges are primarily protective, not vengeful. Love is essential; anger is perhaps optional All the Rage […]

In good faith

I’m wary of that narrative: “Look at this genius who made this show.” Wrapped around that is something that has been discussed a lot recently, which is the confusion of genius with assholery, and this idea that if you’re a tyrant then you’re a genius, or if you’re a genius then you’re a tyrant. That […]

Where are all the women?

I think the problem is that some writers (and some readers) have spent a lot of time internalizing our societal narrative that women… just aren’t interesting. The things we do and have done don’t make good stories, or if they do, those stories are women’s stories, and not for general consumption. Elizabeth Bear – Torforge. […]