If you are thinking of rereading the Harry Potter books before the last book[1] comes out you might want to check out DeadOn

Harlequin mightn’t be too happy with Sean Bean[2] as he is all set to moan lead a delegation to Parliament in support of Sheffield United’s plans to have West Ham docked points. On account of their cheating. Okay, not cheating, just irregularities. And to be honest, the players were only resting at West Ham…

Have you seen London’s logo for the Olympics? Don’t know what is is supposed to be? According to some people it is Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow-job. C’mon now! That’s just nasty.

Also, Muppets! at Helm’s Deep

Also Soupy Norman is one of the greatest ten minute over-dubbed things on de’telly. I haven’t spotted anything up on YouTube yet, but the people who did the dubbing also did Time Trumpet

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  1. that is soon isn’t it? I really should reread, as I remember nothing of the last two cause I speed read them and never got around to rereading
  2. we luvs him though

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