1. That is the logo they came up with? That bright pokey looking thing? And to think I went to art school to learn how to utilize color, shape and composition so as to NOT come up with something that looked like that. Go figure.

  2. First off, that logo – in either form you posted – is HORRIBLE. Both versions look sleezy at best, and outright depraved to deviants like me, and besides, they're just ugly.

    But I got a kick out of that YouTube overdubbed thingy. It was really funny. Good linkage today, Fencer.

  3. Harlequin

    We are not happy with Sean Bean being all silly – we got a massive fine for God's sake, what more do they want? We played better football and that's why we stayed up.

    And more to the point, the Beloved and I have conferenced on the issue and we've come to the inevitable conclusion that in the battle of the Actor Fans of Football, Ray Winstone would most definitely 'ave Sean Bean. So Sean should just leave i' aht, or Ray will do 'im.

    Now, gerrou' a my pub!

  4. It comes in a variety of puke-worthy colours Livewire, all equally yucky, and that is the official definition.

    Sleezy'll do me Kells.

    Look H, your team are cheats, and if Sean "How's the family Ryan" Bean says his team should stay up, then they damn well should.

    Though I did read somewhere that sheffield aren't actually saying that you lot should go down, just that they should get to stay up. Won't happen of course. Also re the Winstone V Bean, I reckon it depends on what character they are in. Like if Ray was playing yer man from Sexy Beast while Sean was all Boromir then Sean'd win no problem. Course, if Sean was thinking of that character from Ronin (I think) while Ray was more Will Scarlet, well, we all know how that'd go.
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  5. Harlequin

    I still fink Ray'd win – he'd be a dirty fighter. He'd bite Boromir in the knees and nut him and stuff.

    And the team ain't cheats (let's face it, if they were, staying up wouldn't have come down to the wire!)- there were dodgy dealings in the upper levels and the people what done it have now been sacked. Plus massive fine levelled on us.

    Can you imagine how they'd manage an extra team in the premiership? It'd be maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanessssssssssssssss.

  6. Harlequin

    Twas grand – I got abandoned when EVERYONE headed off in the afternoon but I coped. Mental computer system already wrecking my head though. GRRR. Very nice peeps and friendly relaxed as-long-as-you-get-the-work-done-you-can-chill-and-leave-early atmosphere.

    Our dear and ill friend called me – on top of all else, death in the extended family. God needs to give her a frickin BREAK.

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