Football warning and Week 181

24 July 2006

EDIT: Luna Nina is up and running again and she says:

  1. Requirements ::
  2. Pizza ::
  3. Dating ::
  4. Issue ::
  5. Sharp ::
  6. Distinguish ::
  7. Remote ::
  8. Felony ::
  9. Exercise ::
  10. Choose ::

Mine will be under the cut

The Premiership hasn’t quite started up yet, but you can still pick a team over at theFantasy Permiership. And if you do, you may as well join my league, by entering the following code: 28597-30580
This year I will play throughout the season. I will. Not like last year when I sorta got a little disinterested half way through.

Also I haven’t forgotten about LunaNina and our weekly associations game, but the site is down, so we can’t play along. Not yet anyway.

  1. Requirements ::
  2. Pizza :: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  3. Dating :: Break-Up
  4. Issue :: Challenge
  5. Sharp :: Sean Bean. It needs an e though
  6. Distinguish :: tell apart
  7. Remote :: island. Maybe tropical. But far away from hatches and polar bears thank you very much
  8. Felony :: Kate. Ah, Lost on the brain now. Final episode of season two is on tonight you know.
  9. Exercise :: rarely
  10. Choose :: life, and all that trainspotting malarky

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5 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    Requirements :: rules
    Pizza :: mushroom
    Dating :: thank God that's over
    Issue :: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
    Sharp :: cheddar
    Distinguish :: ed service
    Remote :: control
    Felony :: offense
    Exercise :: self-control
    Choose :: wisely

  2. anne says:

    Requirements :: needs
    Pizza :: toppings
    Dating :: stamp
    Issue :: Sports illustrated swimsuit (where did that come from?? I hadn't read carl's. I'm a man??? )
    Sharp :: acute
    Distinguish :: discern
    Remote :: control
    Felony :: crime
    Exercise :: dissent
    Choose :: life, a career, a f***ing big television (yeah so maybe, I had read yours) – assume your responsibilities, then
    Felony :: crime
    Exercise :: dissent
    This Fantasy Premiership thingy looks too complicated. Can't I just pick Arsenal and be done with it?

  3. Fence says:

    C'mon Anne, the complication is part of the attraction (though you can just get them to pick you a team if you don't want to do it yourself.)

  4. NineMoons says:

    Requirements :: surplus to
    Pizza :: Truffles
    Dating :: not for me
    Issue :: the fact at
    Sharp :: Sean Bean
    Distinguish :: ed guest
    Remote :: control (mine)
    Felony :: and misdemeanour (distinction now abolished in Ireland)
    Exercise :: bike
    Choose :: choo-choo (and there's a picture of a train)

  5. weenie says:

    I just signed up and joined your league. Will try to not finish bottom of the league!