Dude, seriously?

9 February 2007

Irish fans make me laugh. They have no right to expect anything – they don’t support their own league, expect English clubs to take their youth and train them into footballers and (like Humphries) only think about football when the GAA isn’t on.

You mean all our talented players are poached by English clubs and then either turn into spoiled overpaid sports stars or sit on the bench, getting no game time and gaining no experience. Okay, so you have a small point, in that if there was more support at home the LoI and Irish soccer would be healthier. However, given that we have a population of around 4 million we could never have the money that the English game has, and so our players would still be paid more if they ended up over there. Hell, if the GAA went professional we couldn’t support that either.

Irish fans have no right to expect anything. What Ireland need is good English manager, preferably northern like McCarthy or Charlton, and a few English players like Aldridge and McAteer, and go back to the days when they were grateful for anything. It would at least be more honest.

I think you are mistaken. We don’t expect world beating scorelines. What we expect is for the Irish team to make an effort. To have some sort of desire to win. That is what we expect and we have every right to expect it.

“Gaelic Football is a dreadful game with no skill to speak of, contrived rules like the hand pass and the “no picking up” (why? why not pick up a ball?). It is a serious mis-judgement in a nation that so many go to watch Gaelic football and not hurling or soccer.

Why not pick up a ball, you mean like in soccer? Dear fucktard, it is a sport, of course the rules are made-up, what is your point? Why not let players goal hang in soccer, after all the offside rule is contrived, isn’t it? But thank you for letting us know that Gaelic football is a dreadful game, your wisdom over-fucking-whelms me, not to mention your generosity in sharing your wisdom.

Jack Charlton’s team once drew 0-0 with Lichenstein. Mick McCarthy’s struggled to beat Andorra 2-0 with late goals. So what, get over it.

Why? If English fans can complain about being beaten by Spain why can’t we moan about shocking displays. Fair enough if you don’t want to hear the moaning, don’t pay any attention.

And as to Ireland being a better place now. Well, I find Dublin today shallow, vile and smug. In the 80s it was poor, dreary and small. I prefer the latter, but that’s just my opinion. People were a lot more easily pleased in those days, which I think is a good thing. The levels of happiness in 88 and 90 were much greater than anything happening now (even if Ireland won the rugby World Cup)”

Ah the patronising wasn’t Ireland better when it was poor and expected nothing. Fucktard! I’m guessing that Wales was so much more passionate when the miners’ strikes were on, wasn’t that better than now? And wasn’t England so much more secure when the world map was covered in pink. And really, slavery was just great because then everyone knew their place and didn’t have to worry about what life would bring. Oh for those happy days of the past. Don’t you think we should all step back in time and never, ever hope to improve anything, just in case someone might think us smug.

You, sir fucktard, are a troll.

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7 Responses

  1. anne says:

    You tell him.

  2. Donal says:

    I was half-agreeing with the first quote but then the tone went downhill after that! However it should be pointed out that these quotes come from a number of sources in the comments on the post in question. I thought it was the views of the author at first.

  3. Fence says:

    I thought I just did Anne :)

    Donal they are all from the one person. I too was half agreeing with the first quote, because it is a shame that the home league's aren't all that well supported.

  4. Ann says:

    I love that you've tagged the post "fucktard" and "patronising git."

  5. Fence says:

    The truth can be harsh Ann :)
    But honestly saying stuff like "it was better when they were poor cause then the Irish had lower expectations and so were happier" How could I describe it as anything but patronising?

  6. Chris says:

    Top quality ranting :mrgreen:

  7. Fence says:

    Nothing like a vent Chris