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16 July 2010

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In the back streets of Ankh-Morpork football is king. And those “Faces” in the shove, or crowd, are just as important as the players. After all, no one really ever sees the game itself, apart from the odd and fleeting glimpse. And in the shove Trev Likely is a name people know, he is Dave Likely’s son after all, Dave Likely the man who scored four goals! and ended up kicked to death in a game. Trev has promised his mum he won’t ever play the game. But now Vetinari is taking an interest. Football has always been frowned on, but now it is being updated and modernised. And wizards of the Unseen University are taking centre stage.

And then there is the story of Mr. Nutt, who no ones very much about.

I miss the covers of Josh Kirby. I mean Paul Kidby is grand, but I still miss the originals.

But it is what’s inside the covers that is really important. And although this isn’t the best Discworld book I’ve read it is still a very entertaining read. It seemed a little longer than the usual Discworld stories, and not quite as laugh out loud funny. But then again, humour is a very subjective thing, maybe others will differ with that opinion.

As always with Pratchett’s books there is that wonderful blend of truth and humour in his books;

Plate after plate sparkled under Glenda’s hands. Nothing cleans stubborn stains like suppressed anger.

Hee, that is so true!.

And I really liked the character of Glenda, the no-nonsense cook at the Unseen University, who comes to realise just why her neighbourhood is like a crab-bucket. I’ll leave you to read the book to find out why.

Overall though it is just an average Discworld novel, but of course, that means it is a a very good book.

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8 Responses

  1. Nymeth says:

    How true that an average Discworld novel = a very good book. I enjoyed this a lot, though it wasn't a favourite.

  2. Harlequin says:

    Lend me so?

  3. Alec Johnson says:

    Huzzah, I am honoured by your linking to my shabby little blog.

    Why is it that it's always most interesting to read reviews of things one's already read? Ho hum.

    Anyway, nifty review. I think I agree with pretty much everything, particularly that point about it being an average Discworld book, but that being far from a bad thing. Oh, and that point about the length hadn't struck me until I read this. It did feel longer, didn't it? I wonder if it actually was, or whether it was just something to do with the structure.

    Ditto on the cover – it just doesn't look quite *right* to me, somehow. For one thing, the librarian looks rather sinister. I hadn't realised how much I liked the old covers until they stopped happening.

    • Fence says:

      You are more than welcome Alec, and I don't think your blog is shabby at all!

      And yes, the librarian does look as though he is out to get some one, but maybe it is after a certain incident in the match….

  4. Marg says:

    I too prefer the older covers – so awesome.

    I love the little comments on every day life that Pratchett includes like the one you quoted. So clever!

    • Fence says:

      Hi Marg!

      Yeah, RIP Josh Kirby, you are missed.

      And that is the thing I really love about Pratchett, he gets to the heart of things in such a simplistic, yet *real* way.