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  1. Huzzah, I am honoured by your linking to my shabby little blog.

    Why is it that it's always most interesting to read reviews of things one's already read? Ho hum.

    Anyway, nifty review. I think I agree with pretty much everything, particularly that point about it being an average Discworld book, but that being far from a bad thing. Oh, and that point about the length hadn't struck me until I read this. It did feel longer, didn't it? I wonder if it actually was, or whether it was just something to do with the structure.

    Ditto on the cover – it just doesn't look quite *right* to me, somehow. For one thing, the librarian looks rather sinister. I hadn't realised how much I liked the old covers until they stopped happening.

    1. You are more than welcome Alec, and I don't think your blog is shabby at all!

      And yes, the librarian does look as though he is out to get some one, but maybe it is after a certain incident in the match….
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    1. Hi Marg!

      Yeah, RIP Josh Kirby, you are missed.

      And that is the thing I really love about Pratchett, he gets to the heart of things in such a simplistic, yet *real* way.
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