That was both brutal and brutal

17 June 2006

That has to have been the worst match of the World Cup so far. The US did nothing but foul, and the Italians did nothing but dive. Terrible, terrible game.

I wasn’t too pushed either way when it started, I know I mentioned Italy in the list of about three billion teams that I might support, but honestly, I didn’t really care who won. I assume Italy would walk it and was hoping to see some good goals. Instead what did we get? Stupid, brainless fouling from the US, and the Italians not playing. Or maybe this is as good as they get. Tell you what, in this group I’m cheering for Ghana.

And for once, all those yellow and red cards were actually deserved.

And why on earth did none of the Italians ever look across the line to check whether or not they were offside? Although, in fairness I think twice the linesman was over-eager. But still, they didn’t deserve to win. But neither did the US, despite their definite heart and will to win, becasue they were playing dirty. They should introduce negative points for shite matches.

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7 Responses

  1. anne says:

    I'm still impressed that the US managed to not lose. Then again, I couldn't believe they're fifth in the FIFA rankings. Before Italy. HA HA HA!

  2. Mal says:

    Well, I'm sure any game would be exciting compared to the Eton wall game, which I've just been reading about on Wikipedia. A goal is scored (on average) every ten years– I'm not joking– and a goal hasn't been scored in the St. Andrew's Day match (the most important match of the year) since 1909.

    George Orwell and Harold MacMillan were both players, and in more recent times the game was organised by that sexy babe Boris Johnson. I just wish I could have seen him in his shorts.

    This is highly relevant to your post. Just not in an immediately apparent way.

  3. Ann says:

    I'm intrigued by the negative points idea. Who would decide? Would it be a phone-in like the Eurovision? Or would it be judges from a selection of countries, like ice skating in the Olympics?

    As for the diving-in-the-box-theatrics of the Italians, isn't that what they are known for? Asking an Italian soccer player not to dive would be like asking a bird not to sing – it's an essential part of their nature and charm. :)

  4. NineMoons says:

    I think Paulo di Canio mentioned something in his autobiography about being trained in diving in soccer schools in Italy. As part of game tactics and so on. I suppose you need to learn when to do it as well as how to do it – there's not much point in a tactical dive if you end up injured!

  5. Fence says:

    Yup, and aren't the Czech's supposed to be in second place. FIFA's rankings are insane, and more due to how many games a country plays as opposed to how weel they do, or the opposition.

    Mal, have to say I loved the description of pushing fists into faces, although actual punches are not allowed. Sounds like a great game :)

    Ann, obviously enough I would decide ;)
    And yes, the Italians are known for divind, but usually they actually try to play football at some stage as well. They didn't in this game.

    I wonder did Jurgen Klinsman get a scholarship to one of those schools NM.

  6. weenie says:

    It wasn't a good game, but at least both teams made vague attempts at threatening the goal. France v Switzerland has got to be the most yawnsome game of the tournament so far and hopefully, South Korea will put the willies up them by giving them a run for their money tonight.

    Roll on Tuesday for the showdown against Sverige!

  7. Fence says:

    France v Switzerland was boring, but I'd prefer boring to cynical and dirty. I'd prefer my team to lose rather than resort to such brainless tactics.

    Tues should be interesting, what with Rooney starting.