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Nollaig Shona

Feels like its been ages since I wrote anything for this thingymeblog. And this isn’t much of an entry either, just a quick note to sa [...]

Friday’s Child

ISBN: 0099468042 ; Wikipedia entry “Do not, I beg of you, my lord, say more!” uttered Miss Milbourse, in imploring accents, slig [...]

Black Powder War

Book 3 in the Temeraire ISBN: 0345481305 ; Wikipedia entry ; aarti chapati I can’t say very much about the plot of this book without g [...]

Throne of Jade

Book 2 in the Temeraire series ISBN: 0345481291 ; Naomi Novik’s LJ ; Sandstorm Reviews In the first book of this series Novik introduc [...]


ISBN: 1904233805 See also: Official Site I picked this up in Chapters because the title and author sounded vaguely familiar, I wasn’t [...]

You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoop devil sway

This whole going out thing during the week, fun isn’t it? The work Christmas party was last night; official part was fairly crap. Rubb [...]

Ye can’t be doing dat lads

I know, terrible terrible form to post two vidjos in a row, but you just must love D’unbelievables. You must[1] Sheer genius! But seco [...]


A Discworld novel ; ISBN: 0552152676 Lspace wiki ; Grumpy Old Bookman ; One More Chapter Relations between dwarfs and trolls have never been [...]

But youre too shy to say it

Ah, youtube, you never let me down, do you. For lo, the footage of Mr. O’Callaghan has surfaced, uploaded by Georgi Casy, where more r [...]
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