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Nollaig Shona

Feels like its been ages since I wrote anything for this thingymeblog. And this isn’t much of an entry either, […]

Friday’s Child

ISBN: 0099468042 ; Wikipedia entry “Do not, I beg of you, my lord, say more!” uttered Miss Milbourse, in imploring […]

Black Powder War

Book 3 in the Temeraire ISBN: 0345481305 ; Wikipedia entry ; aarti chapati I can’t say very much about the […]

Throne of Jade

Book 2 in the Temeraire series ISBN: 0345481291 ; Naomi Novik’s LJ ; Sandstorm Reviews In the first book of […]


ISBN: 1904233805 See also: Official Site I picked this up in Chapters because the title and author sounded vaguely familiar, […]

You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoop devil sway

This whole going out thing during the week, fun isn’t it? The work Christmas party was last night; official part […]

Ye can’t be doing dat lads

I know, terrible terrible form to post two vidjos in a row, but you just must love D’unbelievables. You must[1] […]


A Discworld novel ; ISBN: 0552152676 Lspace wiki ; Grumpy Old Bookman ; One More Chapter Relations between dwarfs and […]

But youre too shy to say it

Ah, youtube, you never let me down, do you. For lo, the footage of Mr. O’Callaghan has surfaced, uploaded by […]

Just bypass the logic and ring Joe Duffy.

Sometimes this www-land[1] just comes up with the goods. Look at this book: Isn’t that the best title ever? Not […]

Eire has lost its fada

Yeah yeah, tá fhí­os agam gur dúirt mé[1] that I wouldn’t be talking about christmas again for a while, ach […]

The Departed

It took me a while, but I finally managed to go see this film last night, and now I want […]