Ye can’t be doing dat lads

I know, terrible terrible form to post two vidjos in a row, but you just must love D’unbelievables. You must[1]

Sheer genius!

But second of all, something more serious. I don’t know how many of you have heard about the murders in England. Five bodies have been found so far in Suffolk, and so far all the identified women have been prostitutes. But is that any reason for TV3 news to never use the word women in their report? Just constantly repeating the fact that they were prostitutes. As that was everything they were, and everything they could possibly be.

Crappy news

Thirdly, those two murders in Finglas today, well yer man, Mr. Big, is a fella at work’s neighbour. That’s me, connected to crime lords on all sides.

Fourthly, and back to the light-hearted side of life. We have a new cat at home in Sligo. The sister sent me a text message with its picture. A little tabby kitten that they have called Taz because they found it outside Veritas.


  1. for lo, it is written

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