Nollaig Shona


  1. Harlequin

    I didn't go to town today as extreme laziness took hold, so now I have to go tomorrow with the panic and the craziness and the misery. ARGH. But at least I bought 15 metres of metallic wrapping paper for a fiver. I can use it to wrap my non-existent presents. YAY!

    Have a lovely trip home tomorrow. Talk to you soon. xxx :-D

  2. If you're not online before then I wish you a very Merry Christmas and an absolutely wonderful start to the new year! I have enjoyed spending 2006 with you via the blogosphere and look forward to my Monday word lists in 2007.

  3. Merry Christmas, Fence. I'm barely holding it together, because I'm STILL NOT FINISHED SHOPPING!!! God *sob… Well, whatever. I hope you have a great time with your family, and I'll be happy to see you whenever you get back! mistletoe kiss! xo

  4. Eesh, I just finished up my shopping about 45 minutes ago. Technically I'm not done because I know there are things I didn't get but I like to tell myself that I'm all finished… at a little after one in the morning. I like the little wrapping paper mishap. If anyone doesn't like it, you can always threaten to return their gift. ;)

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