Monthly Archives: December 2006

Just bypass the logic and ring Joe Duffy.

Sometimes this www-land[1] just comes up with the goods. Look at this book: Isn’t that the best title ever? Not so much the main title [...]

Eire has lost its fada

Yeah yeah, tá fhí­os agam gur dúirt mé[1] that I wouldn’t be talking about christmas again for a while, ach then I spotted this g [...]

The Departed

It took me a while, but I finally managed to go see this film last night, and now I want to go again, because it really is fantastic. Bloody [...]

Casino Royale [based on book]

based on the novel by Ian Fleming Before I saw this film I said that I would enjoy it, I just decided, spur of the moment type of thing that [...]

They have begun to shake the dirt Wiping their shoulders from the earth

Well childers, tis December now. So no more talk of christmas is allowed until a lot closer to the big day. I decided on my ten songs for th [...]
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