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17 December 2006

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Black powder war - Naomi Novik

Book 3 in the Temeraire
ISBN: 0345481305 ; Wikipedia entry ; aarti chapati

I can’t say very much about the plot of this book without giving away plot details from Book 2. I enjoyed this more than the second, maybe because I read it straight after and so was more in the mindset of the books, or maybe because I liked the story better, or maybe simply because it is a better book. Whatever the reason, if you liked the previous two books in this series you’ll want to read on.

We get yet more adventures from Temerarie and William, but we also get to see more of the world that Novik has created. Plus feral dragons and Temeraire’s desire to get home and help free British dragons from their almost-slavery.

I think my favourite character of this book is the new dragon Iskierka, although she isn’t a major character Show Spoiler ▼

she is pretty forceful. If the series continues in this manner, light adventure, then I’ll continue to read along.

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