Naomi Novik’s official site is http://www.temeraire.org and her <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naomi_Novik"bio on wikipedia says “Naomi Novik (30 April 1973 New York City) is a female American novelist. She is a first-generation American; her father is of Lithuanian Jewish ancestry, and her mother is an ethnic Pole. She studied English Literature at Brown University, and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Columbia University. She participated in the design and development of the computer game Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide, until she discovered that she preferred writing to game design. Novik is married to entrepreneur and writer Charles Ardai.[1] They live in Manhattan.”

I really enjoyed the first few books in the Temeraire series, but the latest one wasn’t up to scratch. Hopefully the 7th will improve somewhat

Spinning Silver by

It has been years since I’ve read a book by Novik. I read her Temeraire way back in 2006, and was a big fan until I...

Tongues of Serpents by

ISBN: 9780007256778 book 6 in the Temeraire series There were few streets in the main port of Sydney which deserved the name, besides the one main...

Victory of eagles by

Author: Naomi Novik
Temeraire series #5

I hesitated before starting this book, wondering if I should reread the others in the series, it has been a while after all. But I have so many books waiting to be read that I decided to jump straight in and hope that it would all come back to me. And it did, almost the second I started reading the first page the whole world of Temeraire came back to me and I remember just how enjoyable these books are.

For those of you who have never read any of these books the first thing you need to know is that they are set in Napoleonic Europe, England. And have dragons. It is like Sharp meets Pern. Only better.

Empire of Ivory by

Book 4 in the Temeraire series. ISBN: 9780007256747 See also: Other reviews ; Novik’s LJ “Send up another, damn you, send them all up, at once...

Black Powder War by

Book 3 in the Temeraire ISBN: 0345481305 ; Wikipedia entry ; aarti chapati I can’t say very much about the plot of this book without giving...

Throne of Jade by

Book 2 in the Temeraire series ISBN: 0345481291 ; Naomi Novik’s LJ ; Sandstorm Reviews In the first book of this series Novik introduced the slightly...

Temeraire by

ISBN: 0007219113 Book #1 of the Temeraire series, aka His Majesty’s Dragon. See also: Naomi Novik’s site; Library Thing William Laurence is Captain of the Reliant,...