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12 December 2006

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A Discworld novel ; ISBN: 0552152676
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Relations between dwarfs and trolls have never been all that great, but, with the death of an influential dwarf community leader it seems that things are beginning to escalate. Koom Valley may have been a battle a long time ago, but if Commander Vimes doesn’t manage to figure out who killed Grag Hamcrusher then it may just be re-enacted on the streets of Ankh-Morpork.

Vimes and the Watch have always been my favourite Discworld books, and this is a great addition to the series. You have all the usual humour, footnotes and all. But you also have the deeper meanings and social commentary that you can chose to ignore if you want.

What is really fantastic about the Discworld books however is the characters, and here Vimes is at his cynical weary best, although also concerned with ensuring he is home every day at 6 o’clock exactly, in order to read his son Where’s my cow?. All the usual Watch members are back, as well as some new recruits, notably Sally the new vampire on the force.

If I didn’t have a huge stack of books that I want to get through I’d’ve flicked back to the first page and started reading this all over again. Great book

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