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Rugby rugby rugby

Yes, once more it is that time of the year. Rugby has returned with a vengeance. The Magners League has been on for a few weeks, and now it [...]

What a wonderful world

Its been a busy weekend. Sat was all about the rugby. Obviously enough :) We headed to the pub for one o'clock. France V Italy went as expec [...]

How much are dem?

I’ve just upgraded my wordpress installation. Have to say I’m not too sure about this new layout thingy; but I’m sure I [...]

I’m a firm believer in being as positive as possible until the moment when it’s out of your hands

Okay, so I did say that it was the end of the road as far as me and optimism were concerned. But I’m so not down with the whole negati [...]

Story rory?

Hopefully BOD and Stringer will be back in two weeks for our match against England. Which we really really really have to win. But, horror o [...]

A collection of odments

Well, obviously enough, with the weekend just gone my first topic of this post has to be... the role of the Catholic Church in the politi [...]

A Year in the Centre

ISBN: 1844880788 They say flying can do strange things to your mind, and an aeroplane is not the best place to commit thoughts to paper, but [...]

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

Dear personages looking for images of Ronan O’Gara drunk[1] please go here, or here, Blogarrah[2] is the site to visit. Personally, if [...]

The Last Great Tour?

Sunday 29 May 2005, Schipol Airport, Amsterdam I ha [...]
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