Story rory?

12 February 2007


Hopefully BOD and Stringer will be back in two weeks for our match against England. Which we really really really have to win. But, horror or horrors, O’Gara has picked up an ankle injury. Eddie expects him to be fit for the next match, but you never know, and all credit to Paddy Wallace, but we would miss ROG. Just like we missed BOD yesterday.

Stringer too, although Boss was good, he is just that fraction slower on his passes than Stringer. Then again, maybe the French would’ve countered him. What ifs are no use after the match is lost.

But what a sickner.

In happier news it turns out that despite not really mentioning the Blog Awards, I’ve been nominated[1] in the Best Designed Blog section. I guess all my messing about with the template paid off :)

So off you pop and Vote, although that is a considerable long list.


  1. the long list

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