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19 November 2005


Why do I even bother watching sport anymore? Every team I support is shit. Worse than shit. I’ve mostly given up on even looking for Villa’s results. The Irish football team couldn’t even beat an average under-11’s. And the rugby team?

Honestly, I thought that game against the All-Blacks was bad, but today, against Australia. Un-fucking-believable how bad they are. I know there are a few key figures missing[1] but still.

Both teams played shite. How many errors and fuck-ups were there. But Ireland were the worst of two crap teams. As this rate we’ll barely scrap past Romania.

Course, just as I type this, and am about to lament the fact that Australia scored three times Ireland’s score, we get a try. That’s all to the good I suppose. But a very slight consolation

My big gripe is that we can do better. D’Arcy, O’Connoll, O’Callaghan and Murphy are better than that. We just don’t tackle. We stand back and let them run past us. Or we take the wrong option and run into nothing.

Still, at least New Zealand beat England as well as everyone else they’ve come up against.


  1. mainly O’Driscoll

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2 Responses

  1. anne says:

    There there. It'll be fine. Some day.

  2. Fence says:

    Not unless I move to NZ and start supporting their rugby team… hmmm.