The Last Great Tour? by

12 October 2006

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Travelling with the 2005 Lions
ISBN: 1903464935
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I had hoped to enjoy this, but in the end it was a little meh. Maybe because I hadn’t seen any of the rugby from the Tour, Sky Sports keeping it all for their viewers. Or maybe because New Zealand were so dominant. Or maybe because I’m not a Woodward fan. Or maybe because the style of writing was only meh-worthy.

This is the story of the 2005 British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand, where they lost all their tests against the All-Blacks, and where Brian O’Driscoll was infamously spear-tackled and out of the tour within the opening few minutes of the first match. Dislocated shoulder, one that took over half an hour for the medical team to put back in.

But the book it more a personal diary than a real look at the rugby, so it is amusing and easy reading. Light and entertaining rather than interesting. Aside from some nice little anecdotes, for instance, did you know that at a press conferance Paul O’Connell once pulled down Alastair Campbell‘s trousers?

Still, it is worth a look if you are interested in rugby, but it isn’t anything special.

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