What a wonderful world

23 March 2009



Its been a busy weekend. Sat was all about the rugby. Obviously enough :) We headed to the pub for one o’clock. France V Italy went as expected, to France. Then it was England v Scotland, and again the team I didn’t want to win won. Booo! And finally at half five it was time for our game. And we all knew Wale’d be tough but still I knew we were going to win. No doubts. It’d be close, I knew that, but I was just so certain we’d win.

Even at half time and being 6-0 down I wasn’t worried. We’re a second half team, I said to myself, we’ll do it in the second half. And did we ever? Those two tries from Bowe & O’Driscoll were just perfect. 6-14. But then Wales came back into the game. Mainly because that Barnes ref was blowing up every time Ireland ever so slightly infringed and letting the Welsh get away with it. Typical.

Still I knew we were going to win. Right up until Paddy Wallace gave away a penalty and Stephen Jones stepped up to take it. I looked at the clock, last kick of the game and if he got it they’d poke their noses in front. I think everyone in Ireland was holding their breath at that stage, or maybe chanting “miss miss” at the telly. And he did miss. Just short. Heartbreaking for him, he is a great player and a great kicker. But still, delighra that we won. Close yes, but still. After 61 long years we’ve won the grand slam.

And you really should check out the Twitter round up clouds, I especially like the 75th minute reaction to the Welsh drop goal.

And after the great Sat we had a fun time on Sun listening to Tommy Bowe sing ;)

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3 Responses

  1. anne says:

    meant to shout GO MAIRE TU! (imagine the correct version of this?) but i knew you wouldn't hear. Although I did whisper it several times under my breath, in very unsettling fashion. :)

  2. Fence says:

    I heard. Honest :)

  3. jean pierre says:

    congrats! its no less than they deserve!