A Long Long Way

ISBN: 0571218016
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He was born in the dying days.
It was the withering end of 1896. He was called William after the long-dead Orange King, because his father took an interest in such distant matters.

Image of Long Long WayIt seems to have taken me ages to finish this book. I’ve been dipping in and out for a while now. Nothing to do with the book itself, more to do with my lack of attention, because it is a very good book. Gripping would be the cliché. But true nonetheless.

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TT #26

Thirteen links for you to enjoy. Firefly set to Strauss Go on! You know you want to click. Dog de Tour de France Golf, the latest sport to be hit by drug-cheat rumours. Think you know about Rome? Well, see if you can answer these questions via Metafilter Daniel Herbert talks to The Roar and […]

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [based on book]

I don’t remember much of the book. I know that I did read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I do remember the ending, but a lot of what went on in the middle. No recollection whatsoever. So in a way you could say that I wasn’t faced with comparing the novel and the film. Which is a good thing. And without that comparison I’d have to say that this is a good film. (there are spoilers for the previous books/films below the cut. None for The Order of the Phoenix.)

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ISBN: 9780340936436
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I am, I discover, a very untidy man.
Look at me. Without my periwig, I am an affront to neatness.

Robert Merival, the narrator of Rose Tremain’s Restoration, is, at the start of this book, a 37 year old doctor. He is one of the king’s favourites, and is utterly devoted to Charles II himself. So much so that he agrees to marry the king’s mistress, Celia, in order to persuade another of the royal mistresses that she is out of the picture. In reality though Charles will continue to see her, and Merival must never fall in love with her. She may be married to Merival, but she is the king’s.

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TT #25

image nicked from Samulli Thirteen Things about cats I’ve had The first cat I remember having was Blackie. This was back in Dublin, so don’t remember much about her. She had a kitten that we kept, named Sooty. Yes, we are terribly original when it comes to our cat names. After we moved our neighbours […]

I’ll come in again

Yes change[1] but I have been keeping my eye out for a three column and came across this one from here, I have, of course, changed the image header, and added a few things, like tags and whatnot, but apart from that it is standard-issue, so hopefully there won’t be any hassles. If there are, […]

Rome 2.6 Philippi

We start off this episode with Brutus and Cassius riding along with their army. Brutus is in good form, he has been chatting with the men, but Cassius is a tad on the grumpy side, all these mouths to feed. Brutus tells him he has such an unromantic view of the army. They are marching to take on Caesar/Octavian, for the good of the republic[1] Read more about Rome 2.6 Philippi


  1. – Anyone remember those in the national interest sketches from Bull Island?

Tell them I’m not crazy, tell them I’m not mad. It was only a sup of that cider I had

It has been a long day. Doubly long, for a Sunday. Was up at 6.30[1] Yes, Six Thirty in the am. On account of peoples falling out windows and impaling themselves on railings. And while I am prone to exaggeration, that is the truth, and let me tell you, finding firemen washing blood off the […]

Can I take my goldfish to school?

They have arrived. Without warning, every single year they come, hordes of them. Milling about the city. Causing untold damage. Spreading out, taking over, like a virus of some sort. No bus is safe. No street remains unoccupied. Swarming about. Legions of them descend upon the city, and for months we know nothing but irritation. […]