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A Long Long Way

ISBN: 0571218016 See also: Three Monkey’s Interview ; Dublin’s One Book One City ; He was born in the dying […]

TT #26

Thirteen links for you to enjoy. Firefly set to Strauss Go on! You know you want to click. Dog de […]

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [based on book]

I don’t remember much of the book. I know that I did read Harry Potter and the Order of the […]


ISBN: 9780340936436 Read with HistoricalFavorites I am, I discover, a very untidy man. Look at me. Without my periwig, I […]

Unfortunately the outlook over the next 24 hours is a bit of a mixed bag

It is still raining. Someone said 36 days. I’m not so sure but it has been a long time since […]

TT #25

image nicked from Samulli Thirteen Things about cats I’ve had The first cat I remember having was Blackie. This was […]

I’ll come in again

Yes change[1] but I have been keeping my eye out for a three column and came across this one from […]

Rome 2.6 Philippi

We start off this episode with Brutus and Cassius riding along with their army. Brutus is in good form, he […]

Tell them I’m not crazy, tell them I’m not mad. It was only a sup of that cider I had

It has been a long day. Doubly long, for a Sunday. Was up at 6.30[1] Yes, Six Thirty in the […]

Can I take my goldfish to school?

They have arrived. Without warning, every single year they come, hordes of them. Milling about the city. Causing untold damage. […]

Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Urgh. It is still raining. Actually that should probably be it is still raining. Now, unlike many, I don’t have […]

TT #24

Thirteen of my favourite films, that I own on DVD cause otherwise we might be here for a while