Reaper 1.01

The ReaperYet another pre-air show has escaped onto the wilds of d’internet. Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? Right, on with the recap. We open with Sam on his birthday. He is 21 today, but his parents seem a little off, odd would be a good term[1] His brother Kyle is more normal in his response, the usual brother banter goes on. Sam, at first distracted by a news story about an arsonist on the news, retaliates by asking, ever so innocently about a letter from Stanford. It turns out that Kyle had applied, and didn’t get in. His parents are a little upset at this, something that Kyle can’t quite understand and protests that Sam never went to college. His mother however disagrees, Sam did go to college, for a whole month, it just made him sleepy so he came home. They are both very proud of him.

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  1. strange is another good word

Goblin Quest

ISBN: 0756404002
Group read with FantasyFavorites
Book 1 in the Jig series.
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Jig hated muck duty.
He didn’t mind the actual work. He liked the metallic smell of the distillation room, where week-old blood and toadstool residue dried in their trays.

Image of Goblin QuestJig is a goblin; a smaller than average, weaker than average goblin. This means he gets picked on a lot. He gets a bit of a raw deal most of the time. But that is the norm for most goblins, their fate is to live underground in their tunnels, fodder for any adventurous type that might come looking for treasure, or maybe to die at the hands of the neighbouring hobgoblins. An early death is a fairly usual end; the best to be hoped for is a quick one.

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A Little Princess [based on the book]

based on book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Sara Crewe lives a spoiled life in India with a devoted, doting father, until World War I intervenes, and he enlists, sending Sara off to boarding school in New York to keep her safe. There she must adjust, whereas before she had free rein to do as she pleased, now she must submit to rules and regulations that she doesn’t understand. And, most difficult for her, she must keep her imagination in check. But Sara isn’t a selfish, “poor little rich girl”, she is bright and kind, and soon makes friends with most of the other girls, from those in her class to the scullery maid. She is also the only one who can really get through to Lottie as they have both lost their mothers.

TT #27

Thirteen Things about Me I shall go to football this evening. Unless it rains. I’m already hacking my lungs up, so running about in the rain would be silly. I should go buy some cough medicine, but laziness intervened. And I’ve run out of my throat lozenge thingies. Well, not run out, but forgotten, or […]

Good news everybody

I seem to have de-slumped from the whole taking forever to read a book. Course I still haven’t finished The Story of English, but non-fiction books always take me longer than fiction, so I don’t care. Course I still have the whole problem with the indecisiveness; I take a look at the collection waiting to […]

The Limits of Enchantment

ISBN: 0575072318
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If I could tell you this in a single sitting then you might believe all of it, even the strangest part.

I’m quite a fan of Graham Joyce and his writing. He really knows how to suck you into the worlds he creates. His are novels that tend to straddle the “genre” divide. You could as easily class them under general fiction as under fantasy. And I’m sure some genre snobs would never think of him as a fantasy writer. Me, I see the teeniest bit of magic and it is going under sff. This novel, The Limits of Enchantment, is set in rural England in the 1960’s, when modern medical practices are taking over the role traditionally held by women like Mammy Cullen.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

ISBN: 9780747591054
Book Seven in the Harry Potter series.
See also: Heather Anne (spoilers) ; Andrea’s Atrium (Spoiler LADEN) ; Klondar Industries (contains spoilers) ; Things Mean A Lot(some spoilers) ; Answer the call (spoiler Free)

The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane.

The problem with reviewing the final book in a series is that you are never sure exactly what you can and can’t say. You don’t want to spoil the earlier books. But at the same time how can you discuss a novel without reference to at least a little of the plot. And so reveal plot details of earlier books? I’m going to try, but I am allowing spoilers in the comment section. For previous books, and for this one, I’ll try and hide them with the spoiler tag, but one or two might slip through, so be warned.

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Opiate of the masses

I seem to have given up on my Rome recaps. That is a terribly wishy-washy sort of statement, isn’t it? I seem to have, you’d think I’d know whether I have or I haven’t. And considering that there is only one episode left to go, you’d have to think that yes I have given up. […]