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Sitting in a tree

K.I.S.S.I.N.G.: [...]

Reaper 1.01

Yet another pre-air show has escaped onto the wilds of d’internet. Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? Right, on with the [...]

Goblin Quest

ISBN: 0756404002 Group read with FantasyFavorites Book 1 in the Jig series. See also: Jim C Hines’ Sff site ; Backcountry Musings ; Ba [...]

A Little Princess [based on the book]

based on book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Sara Crewe lives a spoiled life in India with a devoted, doting father, until World War I inte [...]

all girls are princesses. Even snotty, two-face bullies

I’m hoarse today. So hoarse I can’t actually speak at all. Well, the odd croak and a bit of a wheeze. Totally the fault of the c [...]

Raindrops on the windshield There’s a storm moving in

Yesterday, about 3, after posting my Thursday Thirteen, it began to really rain. And the heavens made with the thunder, and the lightening, [...]

TT #27

Thirteen Things about Me I shall go to football this evening. Unless it rains. I’m already hacking my lungs up, so running about in th [...]

Good news everybody

I seem to have de-slumped from the whole taking forever to read a book. Course I still haven’t finished The Story of English, but non- [...]

The Limits of Enchantment

ISBN: 0575072318 See also:Agony column ; Joyce discusses his book ; If I could tell you this in a single sitting then you might believe all [...]
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