Unfortunately the outlook over the next 24 hours is a bit of a mixed bag

13 July 2007

It is still raining.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSomeone said 36 days. I’m not so sure but it has been a long time since we had a day without rain.

Now, I know that Ireland is known for being a rainy part of the world. But this has gone far enough, umbrellas are becoming part of hands, they’ve been in use for so long that the handles are melting into skin. Totally not an exaggeration.

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10 Responses

  1. Barry says:

    I'm feeling for you lot over there. I get an earful of the weather from the parents every time I call. We've had a mixed bag here but it now looks like summer is on the way. 34°C for Sunday supposedly. The milky Irish skin will be burnt to a crisp!

  2. Same thing going on in the south of England – I read today that less rain is expected during this year's WINTER!! Now that's a relief!

  3. Cind says:

    Tell me about it – none stop in NW England for weeks! I did have a pond in my garden, now I just have the pond – fish are lovin' it! ;-}

  4. Kelly says:

    Fency, where DO you find these great videos? I mean, I know they're on YouTube, but how do you know about them? THAT was really funny. I'm sorry it's been raining so much there, considering it's summer. How rude. I would be double-dee-lighted to send you some of our humid glaring sunshiney American South weather, if I could. I certainly don't want it.

  5. Harlequin says:

    That's D'Unbelievables. Fence's family owns their videos (note: NOT DVDs) from years ago. Classic Irish comedy.

    There's another great one about Irish weather which I love – it's from Fr. Ted. Can't remember it exactly but the lads are sitting in their anoraks under a leaky roof while the weather forecaster tells them that the rain should contine for the rest of June and on into July. Genius.

  6. The worst thing about the weather at the moment is the way the usual randomly-mentioning-the-weather-in-the-lift-with-random-strangers-at-work-to-fill-the-awkward-silence thing has escalated so much that *everyone* feels the need to comment! It's almost a punishment for not using the stairs…

  7. Fence says:

    Barry, I think I must have gotten my stat wrong as I read over the weekend that this week it'll be fifty days of rain. 50!

    LNH, we'll have to rename the seasons. Or pretend we are in the southern hemisphere.

    Cind, I'd guess the ducks are quite happy as well. But they've always been the sinister type.

    Kells, I'd send you the rain, only it is also fairly humid here too, so I'm not sure it'd do you much good.

    Fearful of Foxes, luckily I'm on the ground floor at work so can avoid that lift conversation :)

  8. sally says:

    when you get webbing on your feet I will feel for you, until then…

  9. weenie says:

    The rain is such a drag – what happened to the scorching summer that was predicted? I so need to go on holiday, somewhere hot and sunny!

  10. Fence says:

    Sally, I'm hurt at you lack of sympathy. Hurt I am. :(

    I suppose we could close our eyes and pretend it is last summer weenie, that was pretty warm and hot, although I probably moaned back then that it was too hot.