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5 July 2007

Urgh. It is still raining. Actually that should probably be it is still raining. Now, unlike many, I don’t have a problem with the rain. I quite like water, even when it falls from the sky. But this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Today, in case you didn’t know, is the 5th of July. The Fifth of July! And outside it is raining. As it was yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and I could go on repeating myself for a whole winter’s worth of day befores. Only it isn’t winter. It is summer. Supposed to be.

Over the past 7 days we’ve gotten 328% of what we’d normally get. Or at least I think that is what Met Eireann are telling me. And I’d like to say to whomever is responsible that enough is enough. We’d like our regulation day of summer, if you don’t mind. Or at least the phantom of a blue sky for an hour or two. But this maybe it’ll clear up outlook in the morning followed by huge downpours in the evening. Yeah, not so good. Although I did have fun walking in the monsoon like downpour on Tues. It was great, although my runners didn’t thank me for it afterwards. And despite the coat and umbrella, neither did my shirt or trousers.

and this sort of forecast:

Friday night will be largely dry, apart from the odd shower near some western and northern coasts. A few showers are still possible on Saturday, but it will be a mostly dry day with sunny spells. Highest temperatures will range 16 C to 19 C, with a light west to southwest breeze. Sunday will bring showery outbreaks of rain, heavy in places, though some bright or sunny spells can also be expected. Highest temperatures of 16 C to 19 C, with fresh and gusty southwest winds. Monday will be another breezy day with showers or longer outbreaks of rain.

, come on! It’ll be sunny and rainy and breezy and rainy and showery with sunny spells and gusty win and rainy and rainy and rainy. That’s not a forecast.

Even Oscar Wilde’d be moaning about this weather. Though possibly with a couple of wittier sayings and one-liners.

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2 Responses

  1. mom not mum says:

    I'm getting quite tired of the rain as well. It called for NO rain today but it can't help but spit a bit out every now and then. UGH!!

  2. jean pierre says:

    the weather is so bad it isn't even funny anymore…

    on a lighter note – my mom's visiting from south africa and i apologised for the weather. she said that she'd actually have been quite dissapointed if it was good… :)