I’ll come in again

11 July 2007

Yes change[1] but I have been keeping my eye out for a three column and came across this one from here, I have, of course, changed the image header, and added a few things, like tags and whatnot, but apart from that it is standard-issue, so hopefully there won’t be any hassles. If there are, let me know so I can moan and bitch about it.

Any doctors in the house? Cause he-who-fell-from-the-window has been in san ospidéal ar feadh 4 laethanta anois, but none of his family or friends have managed to talk to a doctor, so they don’t really know what the story is. He is mostly fine, so I suppose in a strange way he is lucky, but still, it’d be nice if they let someone know what was going on. They do tell him, but as he is sedated, in and out of surgery, and has a fractured skull he isn’t really up to speed on everything and can’t remember a lot of what they are saying. So, is this usual? And how should they best go about getting information?

Anyone want to guess at today’s title? In one way it is obvious, but then again, it is a very short extract from a longer quote, so who knows.


  1. unless you are looking at the lj version, in which case ignore this

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2 Responses

  1. livewire says:

    Some I leave for a bit and come back to find that people are hurling themselves out your windows. Or sitting on on the window sill when a surge of gravity happened by and they fell. This just can't be a good thing all around. It would be nice to get to docs cooperation so they would tell you something. I wouldn't threaten them though… it might look a bit suspicious. ;)

  2. Fence says:

    One person livewire, one. Don't go spreading these rumours about multiples, or before you know it my apt will be a hotspot.