I haz new old books!

The private world of georgette heyer” My talks with Dean Spanly Post-captain The Poor mouth One of the bonuses of working in a library is the fact that I get first dibs on the sales! yay!

Happy Halloween

So I bought my shiny shiny Nintendo DS Lite last night. And got a great deal from Argos. €149 for the console, a game[1] and an accessory pack. So basically I paid for the console and got the rest of the stuff for free. I also bought one of those Brain Training thingies. Which was […]

I had such fuckin’ hopes for us

I’ve been out. Doing things. You know, that I shouldn’t be, *glances warily around* going places I shouldn’t. Yup. Shopping again. It’s shocking[1] how easy it is to spend money when you don’t have to hand over any actual cash. Just flash the plastic and away you go[2] Crazy easy it is. And not only […]


My poppets arrived yesterday. Today they went exploring and bumped into a spaceship[1] They also thought about moving into Minas Tirith, but they are just too big: Linknotes: – Yes, flare added, cause Serenity likes her flares. ↩

Last day of Feb

How did this happen? Feb is over already. I know it is a short month, but my god! this short? Time is flying, sign of age no doubt. Didn’t get my shopping done on Sat, I’d forgotten that it was to be a day of rugby see. Suppose I could’ve gone out on Sunday, but, […]


Remember my last T13, where I listed stuff that I wanted. Well, there was a reason I didn’t mention a camera, as I had just gone and ordered one. A Fuji Finepix S5600 to be precise. And it arrived yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t get a chance to use it till today at lunch. And […]


Look what I just ordered: Rocky: The definitive edition. 2 discs How cool is that? And for those who just don’t get Rocky off you pop to The Sheila Variations and take a read of her appreciations of Rocky parts one and two

Two things

First of all I’d like to join with Carl and say “I’m a bookaholic.” It was only last week that I’d never been in the brand spanking new Chapters[1] shop on Parnell st., but once I’d been I just kept returning. Picking more books that I know I never really intended to buy. I just […]

Just call me Oscar

I officially hate everyone! Okay, so I’m not at the “lip curling, teeth bared” stage quite yet, but the stabbing people in their soft underbellies with pens[1] sounds about right. It isn’t really that they’ve done anything specifically to annoy me, but somehow everything they do is annoying me. What with their walking and their […]

Nollaig Shona

Feels like its been ages since I wrote anything for this thingymeblog. And this isn’t much of an entry either, just a quick note to say that I’m off home tomorrow, not sure when I’ll be online after Christmas, d’internet is far to slow in Sligo to make it likely that I’ll be posting from […]

And now a word from our sponsor

So on Sat I headed off and bought myself a paid of MBTs. Physiological footwear.[1] What could be cooler? Or more ugly? For those not in the know MBTs are Masai Barefoot Technology shoes designed to help posture and tone muscles and even lose weight. Although I have discovered the secret behind their weight loss, […]