Last day of Feb

28 February 2007

How did this happen? Feb is over already. I know it is a short month, but my god! this short? Time is flying, sign of age no doubt.

Didn’t get my shopping done on Sat, I’d forgotten that it was to be a day of rugby see. Suppose I could’ve gone out on Sunday, but, you know, didn’t. So had to take a peak while on my way home yesterday. No exciting purchases though, just work clothes. Will have to make another stop this evening. For sporty-type clothes. Work soccer thingy is on tmro and may[1] go along. But it has been ages and ages and ages since I’ve played football. Primary school I think’d be the last time.

Used to play it all the time when as a kid living in Dublin, down the park playing three-and-in, or playing kerbs in the estate. When we moved to Sligo we’d play at lunch every now and then, and after our successful protest that us girls had to stay stuck inside and sew while the boys got to go up the field and play football[2] we’d play at school during the summer.

But in secondary school soccer came to an end. In first year I don’t think there was any sport that I wanted to play. Hockey was bonkers. I hated[3] basketball. And those were the only sports that were organised, from what I remember. In second and third year there was Gaelic football. Which I played. And I played on the local Community Games team.

But soccer football? It has been a while.


  1. repeat, MAY
  2. this may tell you something about the weather in Ireland. Whenever we got a good day wed be allowed play football in the afternoon because it was such a rare occurrence
  3. and still dislike

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2 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Is it a team-building kind of thing?

    Regardless, you should go, you'll have fun. And with a little luck, you can kick someone you really dislike and blame it on the game.

  2. Fence says:

    Nah, just an after-work get together. They've been doing it for a while and I haven't gone along. Course if the weather is any worse I won't be going.