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So on Sat I headed off and bought myself a paid of MBTs. Physiological footwear.[1] What could be cooler? Or more ugly?
For those not in the know MBTs are Masai Barefoot Technology shoes designed to help posture and tone muscles and even lose weight. Although I have discovered the secret behind their weight loss, simply put they chop the heels off you leaving you footless[2]

Guess I’ll have to wait until the gaping wound on my heel heals before trying them again.

Supposedly the heel problem is due to ill-fitting, but if I was fitted by yer wan who was a “qualified fitter” then surely I shouldn’t have had that problem. Next time I try them I’ll lace ’em up tight enough to cut off all blood circulation to the foot, and hope for the best.

And in totally unrelated news, Shay Given is returning to the Irish Squad. Who doesn’t love Shay?

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  1. that is a pointlessly flash driven site, btw
  2. not at all the pleasant drunkness of being legless neither

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